5 Kathryn Bernardo films to watch for FREE on her birth month!
5 Kathryn Bernardo films to watch for FREE on her birth month!

Name a more impossible task than to choose only one Kathryn Bernardo film to fangirl over — we’ll wait! Because when we think of Kathryn, we think of her genre-bending talent that has made all her films shine in their own right. That’s why we can’t choose just one favorite! 

With a career spanning two whole decades, Kathryn has had the precious experience of filming iconic scenes with the Philippine film industry’s heavyweights — including Sharon Cuneta, Richard Gomez, Dawn Zulueta, Agot Isidro, Gabby Concepcion, and Lorna Tolentino. 

In celebration of Kathryn’s 28th birthday today, March 26, we’d love to put a spotlight on her movies with her legendary co-actors, which are now available to watch for FREE as FULL MOVIES on Star Cinema’s YouTube channel: 

‘Crazy Beautiful You’ 

Troubled 19-year-old Jackie (Kathryn) is sent by her father to a medical mission camp in Tarlac to straighten her out. There, she meets Kiko (Daniel Padilla), who is supposed to look after her. With his help, Jackie starts to change for the better. 

‘Way Back Home’ 

For 12 years, Jessica (Julia Montes) has mourned her sister Joanna’s (Kathryn Bernardo) absence and strived to please her mother Amy in hopes of filling the void.  When Joanna is discovered to be Ana and tries to reconnect, tensions rise as Jessica feels neglected by her mom while Ana seeks approval. 

‘Three Words to Forever’ 

Despite the upcoming grand 25th anniversary celebration planned by their family, Tin's (Kathryn) parents (Sharon Cuneta, Richard Gomez) are hiding a secret: they’re quietly planning to part ways.  

‘She’s Dating the Gangster’ 

Seventeen-year-old Athena (Kathryn) accidentally tricks the school’s heartthrob, Kenji (Daniel). She starts pretending to be his girlfriend to make his ex jealous, but ends up falling for him for real. 

‘Pagpag: Nine Lives’ 

Leni (Kathryn), Cedric (Daniel), and their friends attend a man’s funeral, where they unintentionally break several superstitions. Back home, eerie events unfold. They uncover the deceased man’s deal with the Devil to revive his son, which apparently led to deaths linked to the funeral. 


‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ FULL MOVIE | Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla  

‘Must Be Love’ FULL MOVIE | Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla 


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