5 Anne Curtis films to binge-watch on her birth month!
5 Anne Curtis films to binge-watch on her birth month!

It’s time to roll out the virtual red carpet, prep some party poppers, and raise a toast to one of the most awe-inspiring Aquarius actresses ever — Anne Curtis! 

Having been in show business for 27 years, there’s practically nothing Anne hasn’t done. From being a talented child star to evolving as a luminous leading lady, Anne has brought her natural charm and utter dedication to every role she’s portrayed, whether in the romance, comedy, horror, or action genres. 

Outside of her film and television roles, Anne has also taken the hosting world by storm, as one of the beloved mainstays of “It’s Showtime”. 

When she’s not saying “Hello, madlang people!” or bursting into moving tears as an award-winning actress, you can spot her sharing bits and pieces of her personal life as a mother, wife, entrepeneur, advocate, and fashion icon on her social media platforms. Seriously, what can’t she do, right? 

So, join us as we celebrate Anne’s birthday on February 17! Grab your favorite movie snacks in preparation to watch her FULL MOVIES for FREE, all on Star Cinema’s YouTube channel: 

‘Babe, I Love You’ 

Nico (Sam Milby), a well-off university professor, falls for the charms of Sasa (Anne), a working-class promo girl. Will Nico go against his head that says Sasa isn’t good enough for him or follow his heart that tells him to love her despite their socioeconomic gap? 


 ‘When Love Begins’ 

Ben (Aga Muhlach) cares deeply about protecting the environment and struggles to connect with his siblings. He meets the fun-loving Mitch (Anne) in Boracay, and they become interested in each other. But their relationship faces challenges because of different priorities and Ben’s opposition to the actions taken by the company of Mitch’s father. 


‘’Wag Kang Lilingon’ 

In the “Uyayi” episode of this anthology film, nurse Melissa (Anne) asks her boyfriend James (Marvin Agustin) to help figure out why people are mysteriously dying at the Angel of Mercy Hospital. Melissa thinks Dr. Carl (Raymond Bagatsing) might be behind it, but she learns that James used to be a troubled patient in that same hospital. 


‘All About Love’ 

Badong (Anne) takes on the role of a kutsero to support her family after her father’s stroke, in the “Kalesa” episode of this anthology movie. One day, she finds herself in an accident involving her horse, a luxury car, and Wesley (Luis Manzano), which leads to an unexpected romance between the two despite their opposite natures. 


‘Ang Cute Ng Ina Mo!’ 

In 1986, Georgia (Ai Ai delas Alas) and her family get separated from her Australian fiance Jack and their daughter Christine (Anne), when she misses their flight to Australia. After remarrying and inheriting the money of a rich don, Georgia adopts a boy named Val (Luis Manzano). Years later, Georgia reunites with Jack and Christine, but Christine stops the marriage of her mom and dad from happening.