4 horror films starring Kris Aquino guaranteed to terrify you!
4 horror films starring Kris Aquino guaranteed to terrify you!

The ghost month is here! While it's believed that people should refrain from making major decisions during this time, there's no particular rule about not spending your time binge-watching your horror favorites!   

There's no better way to mark the ghost month than by streaming some Star Cinema horror classics starring none other than the Queen of Filipino Horror, Kris Aquino: 

‘Feng Shui’ 
This 2004 horror hit helmed by the legendary Chito S. Roño gave birth to the horror icon, Lotus Feet, that brought nightmares to audiences in the early 2000s. 

In the movie, Joy (Kris) chances upon a bagua, a Feng Shui protective amulet that drives away bad luck. While she initially experienced good luck, things take a tragic turn when she encounters a series of deaths that seem to be linked to the bagua she found.   

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Three years after her husband died, Stella (Kris Aquino) marries again, and it’s her great love Anton (Diether Ocampo). As they start a new chapter in their lives as a married couple, the two begin to experience strange happenings that put them in danger. Turns out, all these sinister things have something to do with her late husband. 

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‘Segunda Mano’ 

Mabel (Kris Aquino) is an antique shop owner who gets haunted by the ghost of her fiance Ivan's (Dingdong Dantes) missing wife, Mariella (Angelica Panganiban). The haunting doesn't only spark fights between the couple, it is also creepily links to the death of Mabel's friends who saw the ghost. Will Mabel be able to uncover the truth behind the haunting? And what does Ivan have to do with all of it? 

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‘Feng Shui 2’ 

This sequel to the 2004 horror movie tells the story of Lester (Coco Martin) who found the haunted bagua and suffers the same experiences as Joy (Kris Aquino) did in the first film. Their lives get entangled as they try to stop the curse together. 

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Continue your binge-watching sessions by streaming these FULL MOVIES for FREE as well on Star Cinema's YouTube channel! 



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