4 deleted scenes from 'A Very Good Girl' that deserve their own spotlight
4 deleted scenes from 'A Very Good Girl' that deserve their own spotlight

"A Very Good Girl" had us laughing and crying, empathizing with Mercy (Kathryn Bernardo), swearing at Mother Molly (Dolly de Leon), and bracing ourselves at the edge of our seats, from start to finish. 

While the story in itself already bears scenes that engaged and affected us in surprising ways, there are still actually some scenes that are interesting and intriguing despite these not making the final cut. Now, you're in for a treat as Star Cinema has just released four exclusive deleted scenes showing Mercy's personal struggles and aspirations, some tenderness between Philo and Molly, and more! 

1. Joenna hands over evidence to Philo 

We do know that it’s Philo (Kathryn) who is behind the exposure of Charles' (Jake Ejercito) dirty laundry, but as to obtaining the evidence from Joenna (Gillian Vicencio), there appears to be more than one treatment. 

In a deleted scene, we witness how Joenna hands over a flash drive to Philo in a hallway just before Charles walks in and sees the two women talking. Philo even insinuates about what Charles maliciously did to her, saying right at Charles' face, "May nawala kasi sa 'kin kagabi. Hinahanap ko lang." 

2. Philo feels tired after everything she's been through 

In one deleted scene, Philo breaks down while Karen (Donna Cariaga) talks about how she already broke up with Luke, the foreigner they've been scamming, since she's already got enough money to start anew with her daughter in Bohol. 

3. Mother Molly and Philo hug 

We see how Molly and Philo become close in the movie through certain gestures of tenderness, but a deleted scene showing them embrace adds another dimension to their seemingly growing bond. Molly also had the chance to meet Karen's daughter in this scene, as Philo brought the girl with her to the office. 

4. Mercy works hard under Mother Molly for a dream house 

We've known how hardworking Mercy (Kathryn) has always been even before she plots her big revenge on Mother Molly. But in one deleted scene, we see how dedicated she exactly is to achieve her goal of owning her dream house — being the last person to leave the office just so she could finish all her tasks. 

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