3 times we looked up to Coney Reyes as a mom in 'Four Sisters and a Wedding'
3 times we looked up to Coney Reyes as a mom in 'Four Sisters and a Wedding'

You know how the saying goes: it takes a village to raise a child. So imagine the struggle of a mother like Grace Salazar (Coney Reyes) in the 2013 family drama "Four Sisters and a Wedding", to raise not just one, but five children! 

In celebration of National Women's Month this March, let's put the spotlight on how awesome a woman Grace is! 

#1 - She is the master of the house! 

As a widow, Grace does a great job of being the master of the house, and not even having to rely on another man to pull it off. She manages to run the household well, on top of raising all her four daughters and lone son. 

#2 - She stands up for her kids! 

Grace might be a gentle person, but she won’t let anyone humiliate any of her children, ever. Just look at how she stands up for Teddie (Toni Gonzaga) when she sees how the Bayag family makes fun of and insults Teddie during a game of charades. 

#3 - She knows how to apologize! 

It takes wisdom and humility for a woman to own up to one’s mistakes and shortcomings. And in the case of Grace, she does this wholeheartedly upon realizing how she’s been unfair to her children while they were growing up. 

Indeed, Grace is one graceful and powerful woman! Catch more of the Salazar family’s heartwarming journey by watching the classic “Four Sisters and a Wedding” FULL MOVIE below for FREE: