WATCH: What Bea Alonzo taught us about love in her relatable, outstanding film portrayals

Ever wondered why we always choose to watch Bea Alonzo’s romantic films over and over again despite having watched them countless times in the past? It is because we see ourselves in the love stories she depicts and how we relate to every situation her character is in.

Needless to say, Bea always portrays her roles exceptionally and this makes us feel for her—from being in love to being tired of love. Let’s reminisce how Bea captivated us in her best dramatic moments and the lessons we’ve learned from each of them.

First is the fact that no matter how hard you try to change yourself to please your partner, there’s nothing you can do to save your relationship if the love is gone. We witnessed this in “The Love Affair” in 2015 wherein Bea’s character Adie had a two-timing fiancé named Ryan, played by Tom Rodriguez. Adie tried desperately to continue their engagement, saying in one unforgettable scene that she was willing to change herself so that Ryan won’t give up on her. But Ryan would pay no attention, despite Adie’s efforts and they would break-up. Adie would then meet and have an affair with a married man named Vince (Richard Gomez), who also had been cheated on by his wife Trisha (Dawn Zulueta). In one heated confrontation, Trisha blurted, “Kabit, kerida, ano ka ba talaga sa asawa ko? I know I’m his wife, but who are you? His girlfriend? His rebound? His mistress? His weekend hobby? Sino ka ba talaga sa buhay ng asawa ko?” Adie responded wryly, “Sino ako? I’m the one who’s putting him back together because you broke him.”

And nothing is more moving and identifiable than a lesson about self-love. We should never lose our identity in a relationship. While we must love our partner, but we must not forget to love ourselves too. We came to encounter this in Bea’s iconic 2007 film “One More Chance.” Basha (Bea) wanted to break up with her boyfriend for five years, Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz), because she wanted to become independent. In one memorable scene, Basha told Popoy straight off: “What if hindi ko na gusto ‘to? What if we’re not growing together anymore?” This shows how much she wanted to break free from the controlling nature of her partner. She said was tired of being too dependent on Popoy and that she wanted to discover her self-worth by doing things on her own and solving her own problems.

A third important lesson we get from Bea’s films is the value of trust because it is the foundation for every great relationship. On “A Second Chance” in 2015, Basha and Popoy encounter a major issue in their marriage. In a scene featured in this video, Basha confronted Popoy about concealing the fact that their company had been losing money for two years. “Ang nagmamahal, nanininiwala. Nagtitiwala,” she said. Furious that Popoy didn’t say anything about the crisis they were facing, Basha said he broke that precious trust she has given him. “I have the right to the truth. No matter how ugly, no matter how painful, because I am your wife.”

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