WATCH: Julia, Joshua tell each other “WHAT IF” in their past romance

Is it really true that ex-lovers can’t be friends anymore? Or is it actually possible for them to still be friends and just take everything in the past as experiences they had to go through?

In this episode of Star Magic’s Out of the Box or OOTB, real life ex-partners Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto answered maturely several questions about their past.

But keeping their past relationship aside, JoshLia fans have to watch out for their newest project together entitled, a digital short film twinbill “Love Unlock,” for the episode “E-Numan,” airing on Kapamilya Online Live. Other stars included in the online special are Arci Munoz and Gerald Anderson, who will star in the other episode, “Hook-Up.”

The first question asked was, “What is the most essential thing for every first date? Is it flowers, food, or feelings? What did you have on your first date?” Julia immediately answered “food” while Joshua revealed he was the first to actually have “feelings,” but both of them agreed that Julia of course eventually also had feelings for Joshua.

In a span of 30 seconds, each of them was asked to quickly say a fact about the other person without repeating any fact, and the first who does it wrong shall make a short poem about his or her ex. Joshua shared mostly the things that Julia hated or at least didn’t like before like cooking and having dogs. But Joshua also shared flattering characteristics that Julia has, such as being independent and being very pretty. The latter was actually added by Joshua despite the 30-second timer having lapsed. On the other hand, Julia said that Joshua actually cooks really yummy chicken adobo, that he is fond of playing computer games, and that he is really good with surprises.

The next question got them reminiscing about the movies and shows they starred in. JoshLia was asked which love was stronger - the one in Ngayon at Kailanman or “Love You To The Stars and Back”? Julia responded it’s the first whereas Joshua said it’s both! 

First kiss

Joshua and Julia then remembered something special and romantic about their relationship, which was their first kiss. The question asked them to compare it to a food item, which they would describe so the other one could guess it. Julia went on first and she described it as her favorite, and as sweet. And Joshua guessed it immediately and got it right when he said it was chocolate. When it was Joshua’s turn, he even tried to remember where their first actually was and Julia told him it was in the car. Joshua looked shocked but said that he remembers it. He then described the food as sweet also but cold, and Julia guessed it right away as well when she said ice cream. She even asked what specific flavor it was and Joshua answered rocky road.

Things turned a bit romantic when they were told to look at each other while continuously telling one another what they were able to show or offer in their relationship. Joshua said that he gave Julia love, surprises, and his own self. Julia meanwhile shared that she gave him patience, a record player, and a wallet.

Memorable trip

The next one dug up the most memorable trip they had before. They were asked again to describe it to one another so each of them can guess it again. Julia described it as cold and snowy, and Joshua answered Japan which he also agreed on.

The next was a “Who’s Mostly Likely To” game. The first was “who’s most likely to change hairstyle?” They agreed it was Julia. “Who could make a drunk-call to ex? Julia said it was Joshua. On who would stalk the new partner of ex, they said none. And, who would bring back the things of ex? No one among them would too.

What's their shout out to their ex? Julia’s message would be “I’m just here, always”, while Joshua’s shout out to his “last ex” was “Proud of you!” He even joked afterwards that he actually had another one after her. But Julia told him he should say it nicer so Joshua repeated it and said “Proud of you, baby!”

The next was a challenge that asked them how they can say “Baba” when they’re mad, when they want to show affection, and when they want to allure one another.

They were then asked to act out what their message could be to their ex if ever they would do a drunk-call. And both of them said they would pretty much do the same thing, which is to ask how his or her ex is and to ask where he or she is.
“Ex” words

JoshLia’s vocabulary was tested afterwards as they took turns in saying words that started with “ex.” The one who loses shall say a pick up line to the other. It was actually impressive of the both of them as they were able to extract their vocabulary and say words within the time given but Joshua was the last to be able to say a word with an “ex” so Julia just gave a “knock-knock” joke instead of a pick-up line. And it went like “Knock knock!” “Ex.” “Ex who?” “Can I come in?” And then both just laughed heartily.

After that, they were asked to share what usually is/are the reason/s of their fights before and both agreed that it was always jealousy. Joshua admitted that he would seldom get mad at Julia but when that happens, he would just burst out in anger. But Julia shared Joshua never raised his voice towards her. They added that Julia was actually the one who would get mad more and she’d always say “Car, now!” And Joshua said it’s already understood what would happen when Julia says that.

They reminisced more and more memories as they were challenged to stare once again into each other while giving memories they had in their relationship. And they had to start every memory with “Naaalala mo ba dati?” Julia went first and asked “Naaalala mo ba dati noong sobrang dami nating kinain at sinayaw natin ‘yung theme song natin to make salubong our anniversary?” Joshua then answered yes and asked in return “Naaalala mo ba dati noong mga gabing magkasama tayo sa bahay mo?” And then Julia asked again “‘Naaalala mo ba dati ‘yung sobrang lasing natin pinanood ‘yung documentary ni Beyonce at tuwang tuwang tuwa tayo?” And their laughs proved how fun that last memory was for them.

The next was a fun, best-of-three “Jack en Poy” game. The one who loses should reveal a deep secret of their ex which people don’t see online. Joshua won, however, he chose not to reveal any because he said he’s always protective of Julia. But his disclaimer was he just said that because of the dare to be “malambing” all throughout the episode.

Lessons and “What ifs”

Moving on to a more serious question, JoshLia was asked what lesson they got from their ex. Joshua first answered and he said that it was to balance his time well and to give importance to the time that he got for all his priorities. Julia, on the other hand, said that she learned from Joshua the importance of taking care of herself more.

One of the most anticipated parts of this live chat between Joshua and Julia was the “What If” part where they both got to say three “what ifs” in their relationship with emotions. The first to tell was Joshua and he said: “What if tayo pa rin at hindi nangyari kung ano ‘yung mga nangyari? What if hindi ako nagka-computer? What if hindi mo ginawa ‘yung project?” 

When it was Julia’s turn, she also said three what ifs: “What if hindi ka nagselos? What if lumaban ka pa? What if hinintay mo ako na ma-figure out ‘yung sarili ko katulad ng pagbigay ko sa’yo ng time ma-figure out ‘yung sarili ko?”

Truly one kilig, memorable encounter that left JoshLia fans smitten and thrilled. Catch more of Star Magic Out of the Box with JoshLia in this video!