Vivoree Esclito, Patrick Quiroz play Compatibility Game

Fast-rising loveteam Patrick Quiroz and Vivoree Esclito weren’t able to contain their gratitude and delight towards their adoring fans as they delivered their lengthy and sincere messages for them during their latest guesting on Hotspot on Thursday, November 5.

Vivoree expressed her appreciation for the all-out support of their avid followers, who accepted their team-up wholeheartedly and relentlessly defend them against bashers on social media.

Maraming salamat po sa pagtanggap sa akin, pagtanggap sa’ming dalawa sa buhay n’yo. I know mahirap din ‘yong experiences n’yo as supporters kasi may nakikita rin kayong negative comments about us, pero  dinedefend n’yo kami. Talagang grateful kami para sa inyo, guys. And kahit naman ‘di nila kailangang gawin para sa’min ‘yon pero kasi nga love nila kami,” she said.

Then she promised, “We’ll also do the same for you, guys. We’ll defend you, we’ll give back by doing our best sa lahat ng mga projects namin. Kahit sa mga buhay din namin, we’ll become better people.”

The 20-year-old actress then went on to mention the unparalleled efforts of their supporters here and abroad and wished them well during this pandemic.

“No words can express how grateful we are for you all and mahal na mahal namin kayo. Thank you for everything that you do. Talagang you guys spend money for us, you dedicate your time to us, and minsan talagang magpupuyat kayo para magpa-trending at mapanood ‘yong mga live namin kahit ‘yong iba d’yan nasa ibang bansa rin. Thank you so much kasi umabot sa inyo ‘yong presence namin. I hope you guys stay safe and we love you guys so, so much. I hope to see you soon. God bless you all,” she stated.

Her new on-screen partner Patrick also conveyed how grateful he is for the overwhelming affection and support they’ve been receiving from their throngs of followers, which allowed him to experience a lot of things that never happened to him before, such as getting trending on social media overnight.

Wala akong masasabi sa inyo kundi magpasalamat lang sa inyo kasi kung hindi dahil sa inyo, ‘di rin kami mabubuo – ang tambalang PatVoree. Sobrang lakas ng impact n’yo sa’min and iniiba n’yo ang buhay namin. Iniiba n’yo kung ano kami, kung paano kami makisama. Actually, natutuwa ako kasi nabuo ‘tong PatVoree with the fans,” the 20-year-old promising actor-musician uttered.

Then he added, “Sana magkita-kita na po tayo after this pandemic and makasama at mayakap ko na kayong lahat. Mag-iingat lang kayo palagi and ‘wag lalabas ‘pag hindi kailangan. Mahal na mahal ko kayo. Mahal na mahal namin kayo.”

PatVoree, as they are warmly referred to by fans, shared with Hotspot host DJ Jhai Ho the activities that have been keeping them occupied recently. For Patrick, it’s spending quality time with t his family, while it’s playing “Among Us”, reading books, watching movies, and keeping up with her BTS fan life for Vivoree.

They also revealed the secrets behind the success of their blooming team-up and the moments they share with each other that makes them kilig. Vivoree disclosed that there were times that she got thrilled for real in some of their scenes, while Patrick remarked how his on-screen partner is great in making his heart flutter naturally.

Furthermore, they reminisced their reaction when tasked to cover the all-time favorite ABS-CBN Christmas anthem “Star ng Pasko” and even heeded to the host’s request to sing a portion of it. And speaking of Christmas, they also shared the material things they wish to receive from Santa Claus this year.

Fans were surely thrilled when the pair only committed one mistake out of the five items given to them in the Compatibility Challenge and when they were able to compose a love song on the spot.

Aside from their regular stint in the ABS-CBN Films digital talk show We Rise Together, PatVoree teased that they’re going to be also seen soon in an episode of Magandang Buhay, as well as in the movie adaptation of the online series “Hello, Stranger” and the upcoming ABS-CBN Films and Brightlight Productions collaboration that can be watched soon in another network.

Click on this video to witness the fun and kilig chikahan of DJ Jhai Ho with Patrick and Vivoree in the latest episode of Hotspot!