Stan List: What makes Charlie Dizon’s ‘fan girl’ heart happy

With back-to-back blockbusters, television roles (A Soldier’s Heart the latest), and an impressive Best Actress win at the recently concluded Metro Manila Film Festival Awards Night – all achieved in just a year – Charlie Dizon is certainly en route to stardom!

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The rising star recently got everyone talking about her intensely riveting portrayal as Jane in the MMFF crowd favorite, “Fan Girl,” also the recipient of the Best Picture Award. In what seemed like a kismet-ushered turn of events, or perhaps an overnight phenomenon, the newcomer instantly grew her fan base and landed on social media’s trending list.

Even veteran thespians are curious about the 24-year-old newbie who won over powerhouse contenders in the Best Actress category. Now, ‘artista’-loving Pinoys have found a new girl to stan!

Charlie is no stranger to a fan girl’s world because she is also a fan in real life, sans the crazy and borderline dangerous obsession. In this video, Charlie shares her ‘stan list’ aka a rundown of people, things, or anything her heart beats for!

5 unknown facts about Charlie Dizon

Did you know that Charlie was close to becoming a K-Pop idol? She co-trained with Momoland’s Nancy McDonie under a Korean talent agency years back. But she wasn’t able to pursue the K-Pop dream due to some conflict in contract, but at least she gained a (superstar) BFF!

Charlie loves K-Pop so much she’s a certified V.I.P. (the fandom name for Korean group Big Bang). She also stans the Korean drama “The Princess Hours.”

The Kapamilya beauty stans rom-coms. Who else will she list down as her local celebrity idol than the Romantic-Comedy Queen herself, Toni Gonzaga? Charlie also earned praises when she reprised Toni’s iconic character, Teddy Salazar, in “Four Sisters Before the Wedding.”

Charlie has an everlasting love for her mother’s “tortang giniling” recipe. If you wish to make her smile, bring her chips and chocolates, or rice-and-corned-beef combo – her ultimate midnight snacks fix. Iced tea and juices always have a place at her lunch and dinner table but she washes down the guilt with lots of water.

Hollywood star Scarlet Johansson won her heart, and so did the majestic white lion. “Desce Pro Play (PA PA PA)” is her ultimate feel-good song. She heard “Come Thru” while filming “Fan Girl” and now she’s left with a bad case of LSS.

The vacation spot she stans? It would have to be the beach – close to nature and best enjoyed with family and friends. A good attitude than a handsome face will sweep her off her feet.

Check out Charlie’s complete “stan list” in this video!