Ria Atayde encourages us to “be real, be you, bea-you-tiful” in overcoming insecurities

Ria Atayde might be an outstanding actress we all admire, coming from that prominent family of actors that includes mom Sylvia Sanchez and brother Arjo Atayde.

But even if that’s the case, Ria tells StarStudio.ph’s “Just Like You” that she went through the same struggles, ordeals and challenges like most of us. Ria discloses that just like everyone, she also experienced personal uncertainty, doubting and comparing herself to others. She confessed insecurities when she was young and that really affected her outlook in life. This was rooted in other people’s perception of her physical appearance, particularly her body size, as she was growing up.

Despite this, Ria said she had a good way of handling her insecurities. She says confidently that in countering self-condescending thoughts, she would nurture a strong, bubbly, and outgoing personality that made her live through those painful years and overcome it.

As such, she did not manifest any of those insecurities, although she admitted she actually liked editing her photos to become more appealing and attractive. Now, Ria said she’s in the process of loving herself more, and vowed to never ever show a fake version of herself.

“Be real, be you, bea-you-tiful,” Ria said to all of us, especially to those who were and are still harboring insecurities—a message that is quite relatable and relevant to a lot of people.

Watch more of Ria’s enlightening interview on Just Like You here in this video.