MayWard takes on the Out Of The Box Challenge

If you are bored and need a quick video to put a smile on your face, Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber can be your happy pill! In Star Magic’s Out of the Box Challenge, the love team had to complete a series of small challenges that involved drawing, impersonating, and more! If they fail, they would then have to accept a dare.

They started off with a 30-second Compliment Battle! MayWard had to exchange compliments until one of them runs out or one of them repeats a compliment that has already been said. “Ang ganda ng kilay mo,” she pointed out. “Your mouth smells nice,” he responded. In the end, it was Edward who lost and gave Maymay a back massage.

Next up was a Staring Contest with a twist. While looking into each other’s eyes, they had to draw the other person. After the 30-second time limit, the actress boasted the accuracy of her work. She got his big eyes, high nose bridge, small mouth, and thick brows. His work, on the other hand, was more abstract. “Ang pangit naman nito. Grabe ka naman sa akin,” she reacted. The young actor admitted that drawing is not one of his skills, which is why his stickman could only be described as a zombie.

Of course, the tandem also had to impersonate each other. Maymay was more than willing to show how Edward acts whenever he is late, from his voice to his facial expression. “Lagi ka namang nale-late. Ako ‘yung laging naghihintay sa lobby,” she added. “Parang consequence na ‘yan,” he said, after watching her expose him.

At one point, because the dares were just as fun, the love team decided to skip the challenge. When they had to think of words that rhymed with “love”, the consequence was sing “Love of My Life” by Queen in a high note. “Kantahin ko na lang para hindi na ako mag-challenge. Feeling ko talo pa rin tayo,” she said. Although, they only knew the line “Love of my life”. So, they ended up humming the other parts of the song.

Check out this video and play along with MayWard!