MayWard shares fun stories behind ‘lockdown portraits’ in Showbiz Pa More

Taking a break from their hosting stints on iWant ASAP, phenomenal loveteam Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber recently spread kilig vibes in their guesting in Jeepney TV’s Showbiz Pa More with DJ Jhai Ho, wherein they talked about the things they miss and don’t miss during the entire community quarantine and the fun stories behind their ‘lockdown portraits’.

Starting off the conversation was host DJ Jhai Ho greeting his guests and unveiling the trivia question for MayWard fans, with regard to the activity Kuya gave them during their days as Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 housemates that helped them learn Filipino and English. Whoever guesses the right answer and wins would take home the framed copy of MayWard’s photos featured in the Star Magic Love From Home Lockdown Portraits e-catalogue.

He then went on to quiz the two young stars about the things that kept them occupied in the past months of staying at home. Maymay divulged that aside from working out and cooking, she has also been keeping herself busy with their weekly preparations for iWant ASAP and practicing her painting skills. On the other hand, Edward imparted how delighted he is to be able to fulfil one of his dreams of hosting a podcast via MYX It Up and that his mom is able to discover her passion in baking.

When it comes to the things that they miss doing in the outside world, both of them agreed that it would be hitting the cinema, with MayMay adding that she also misses her family and dining out with them, Edward, and their other friends. While the former yearns to do everything she used to do in the outside world, the latter revealed that it’s staying up late at night that he doesn’t miss for he always do it throughout the whole community quarantine.

And if there’s something that they miss the most about each other, the on-screen sweethearts enthusiastically agreed that it would be their kulitan moments.

Maymay and Edward then went on to recall the tiring yet enjoyable process they underwent in preparing for and shooting their respective entries for this year’s Star Magic e-catalogue. Click on the video for you to hear how they conceptualized their portraits and their fun stories behind the creation of those.