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Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber answer personal questions in this edition of “All About Me.” Known for their wit and energy, the game wouldn’t be complete without a little ‘kulit!’

Edward is now used to getting nicknamed ‘Dong’ or ‘Dodong.’ The cool dude loves playing video games. Don’t step on his shoe or else you’d be hated!

If you notice Edward staring, he’s probably just trying to observe you, and that’s an annoying habit he wishes he didn’t have. “I observe people a lot. Tinitingnan ko lang sila. I don’t notice that I’m doing it.” When does he get kilig? “Kapag umiihi ako,” he said in jest.

Interestingly, his dream role is to play the best friend of the main character.  Had life took a different turn, he’d probably be a student at the moment. Edward tells his 18-year-old self, “Just be who you are. You’ve learned a lot of stuff and just keep on doing it.”

In a series of This or That challenge, Edward picked rock over roll. He likes his coffee iced than hot. He likes the pool more than the ocean. As a superpower, he thought mind-reading is better than invisibility.

Born Marydale Entrata, the effervescent Maymay once asked her parents about the choice of nickname. Don’t overthink the answer. It’s simply because she’s born in May. Her birthplace is Manila.  

One thing she doesn’t like about herself is her tendency to overthink and be a perfectionist, “Masyado akong nag-iisip minsan sa isang bagay na gusto ko talaga perfect, sobrang gusto ko talagang ibigay ‘yung todo-todo, ‘yung best ko.”

God is her biggest inspiration. She dreams to live in a cold city or place. What’s her weirdest talent? Contortion!

She aspires to be a model and she also enjoys being an actress. Asked to choose only one, she went for ‘actress.’ Instead of taking her pick, Maymay showed love for LizQuen and KathNiel and Bisaya and Tagalog.

On the choices ‘funny girl’ and ‘smart girl,’ Maymay confidently answered she can be both! She also thought career and lovelife can thrive at the same time.

She’s most thankful for her family, friends, supporters, and her “partner in crime” Edward!

Check out this video for Maymay and Edward’s answers!

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