Maris Racal asks Jairus Aquino to save her from a stalker in a prank call

Pinoy Big Brother’s bubbly “Singing Sunshine ng Davao” has turned 23! To celebrate this milestone with her supporters, Maris Racal drops new track titled “Not For Me,” a song fitting for a young woman who’s grown  better, stronger, and wiser in love.  

Maris has truly made something beautiful out of her experiences, talent, and well, the quarantine time. Apart from the single, Maris’ lockdown feat includes taking online courses on speech and electric guitar playing. She also tried her hands at baking (but seems to need more practice, though. Read: “laging sunog!”).  

Include a house renovation on top of that! In a recent vlog entry, Maris gave her followers a tour of the revamped abode. She enlisted the help of a professional interior designer while adding in her own ideas. Through this personal project, Maris discovered her eye for the arts and talent for designing. Knowing how this girl never runs out surprises and skills, she’d possibly venture into this field one day.

WATCH: Maris Racal tours everyone around her newly-renovated home in latest vlog

In the meantime, she’s focused on promoting her self-written song, with Twitter time on the side. Never had she imagined herself becoming a millennial Twitter queen. She takes the platform as just a creative outlet. But a natural charmer, Maris is now one of the most liked and re-tweeted artists on social media.

Trying to analyze where the statistics brewed from, Maris gives credit to humor and speaking her audiences’ language. She calls this ‘tamang timpla.’ Although, she would admit that she can’t be that ‘havey’ all the time. And maybe there’s really no secret formula than just being her true self. Maris thinks her writing skills can only grow a song and not a literary material. Yet, she’s not shutting off the idea of turning her tweets into a book someday.

The Kapamilya actress also went back to work for a digital movie for iWant under Star Cinema. YouTube-ing is likewise always on top of her to-do list, using the platform to interact with the fans and welcome new people in her life. So, those who wish to get to know this multitalented girl, her YouTube channel is the place to be.  

Maris has indeed thrived amid the dark phase we’re all in, proving that growth is sometimes a choice. However, she acknowledged that not everyone could easily cope up. We’re all different cases, anyway. To those who remain stuck, Maris would like to validate your feelings. You may opt to talk it out with family and friends or look for other outlets like the arts. But no matter how you choose to cope with the situation, you will make it one day at a time.

Apart from these lessons and discoveries, Maris also developed a deep appreciation for the little things. She used to be so consumed with work that she failed to make the most of time spent with family and friends. But with everything that has happened, Maris knows she’s coming out of the quarantine more in love with the simpler moments in life.

Not For Me

As the clock strikes midnight on her 23rd birthday, Maris surprised her fans with the release of her new single “Not For Me,” a validation of her strong musical genius and heartbreaking, authentic storytelling.

“Your love is a song, can’t stop singing it. Your love is too pretty but it’s not for me,” says the chorus part of the track. The beautiful lyrics came out of Maris’ own poetic skills but not necessarily brewed from a failed relationship with a specific guy. She just fell in love with the first lines and thought this piece isn’t something that deserves to be axed. Still, the whole song is seasoned with bits of her tangiest love experiences.

By the sounds of it, “Not For Me” is about someone brave enough not to commit to a love undeserved. Maris added that it probably brings more intense emotional impact to those who step out of a relationship, saying we often exalt people left broken but we rarely hear those who leave. Maris wanted them to feel that walking out on something special is also valid if you only foresee more pain coming.

Asked if she’s ever said ‘not for me’ in an event in the past, the songstress relates these words to halted dreams. “Halimbawa, ‘pag may projects na nawawala, sinasabi ko na lang ‘maybe it’s not for me’,” she said. She’s rejected some suitors in the past as well, so maybe the title also goes out for them. But when it comes to keeping a relationship, Maris said that she’s the type to hold on until her last strength.   

Her idol musician, Rico Blanco, arranged and produced the song. Meanwhile, the intimate black-and-white music video was helmed by celebrated photographer Shaira Luna. The music video was conceptualized through virtual meetings and was shot following strict health precautions. 

“Not For Me” is the newest love anthem that millennials – heartbroken or not – will play for breezy nostalgic feels. It’s now available in digital music stores!

Prank Call

Not everyone who stays at home is 24/7 safe and sound, connotes the impromptu prank call script used by Maris in this episode of Kapamilya Chat. Maris phoned up her Pamilya Ko co-star Jairus Aquino for some live entertainment.

Maris started with a disclaimer, saying she’s never done a prank before, so viewers can cool down their expectations. Maris feigned panic in her voice. Making use of her acting chops, she pretended being stalked and harassed by Jairus’ basher. She said that she already asked for a copy of the CCTV, the guy was ringing the doorbell non-stop demanding her to come out, and she’s really, really scared. And there’s only one solution to this terrifying scenario which is Jairus coming to Maris’ house for rescue.

She was about to send him her address when a realization popped up. “Hindi ko pala alam address ko,” said Maris. Will she convince him to come over? Watch the video to know if pulling one’s leg is “not for Maris.”