KathNiel reveals dream to build ‘future home’ and more as they answer fan questions

From the greatest lessons instilled by their parents to their ultimate dream as a couple, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla reveal fun facts about themselves as they answer questions from their avid supporters.

To kick off the game, KathNiel was asked to choose between going to the past and taking a sneak peek of the future if given a time machine. Both said they’d prefer to revisit the past. “Ayaw ko nang nagpapahula din. Gusto ko kung ano mangyayari, I’ll just take it day by day,” Kathryn explained.

Daniel added that he misses the time when life was still simple without the advancement of technology. “Mas kalmado at simple ang buhay. Iba ang ginawa sa atin ng technology both positive and negative.”

Kathryn considers the value of hard work as the most important lesson she learned from her parents. She was taught that reaching for a dream entails perseverance and patience. “Kapag may gusto ka, hindi lang siya basta ibibigay sa’yo” Kathryn witnessed her mom and dad live by this teaching such as how they managed to expand their business. Meanwhile, Daniel mentioned ‘respect’ as the most basic rule in life. 

The couple talked about their dream of building their own house someday. “Siyempre dream namin ‘yung bahay namin in the future pero hindi pa naman talaga ‘yun mangyayari kasi it’s too early pa but of course andu’n ‘yun sa wishlist namin,” expressed Kathryn. The King and Queen of Hearts also want to put up a breakfast place and have their own farm.  

Asked to bring something that reminds them of each other, Kathryn takes a small plant while Daniel opts for an elephant figurine. Kathryn was amused with Daniel’s penchant for plants, so she was inspired to take on her own ‘plantita’ journey. To explain the elephant’s symbolism, Daniel said it reminds him of their trip to Chiang Mai in Thailand.