KathNiel proves compatibility on the Would You Rather Challenge

Power couple Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla took on the Would You Rather Challenge that would gauge their chemistry and compatibility based on their similar preferences.

Both Kathryn and Daniel would rather experience blackout than water supply shortage. “Hindi kaya na walang ligo, at least may liwanag sa umaga,” Kathryn explained.

They prefer to get stranded in an island than in the mountains. Daniel expounded, “Okay rin naman sa mountain pero iba kasi ‘yung may tubig-dagat tapos may pagkain ka pa doon.”

The next item was quite a bonus. Of course, KathNiel would rather get married first than elope as a couple. When it comes to love, Daniel believes that the heart must win over the mind. He asserted, “Most of the time, kung sinundan mo yung puso mo, you’ll never go wrong. Kung magkamali ka man at least sinundan mo ‘yung puso mo.” Kathryn, who initially wrote down ‘both,’ changed her answer into ‘heart’ after hearing Daniel’s point of view.

On the question, “Mahal ka dahil kailangan ka o kailangan ka dahil mahal ka,” KathNiel chose the latter category.

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