Kapamilya Confessions: Edward Barber talks about most important life lesson learned from Maymay

Edward Barber graced ABS-CBN Entertainment’s Kapamilya Confessions and answered the fun questions sent in by fans.

Before answering the questions of the netizens, he first did the Complete The Sentence Challenge, wherein he had to supply answers to the phrases given to him.

First off was “My last Instagram post was …” and Edward went on to visit his account and saw it was a picture of him sitting on a couch and wearing a leather jacket that was for the promotion of their iWant ASAP episode.

Next was “My first ever teleserye acting was…”, to which Edward giddily answered La Luna Sangre. Edward could recall that he still couldn’t speak fluent Tagalog that time. He added that here were a lot of action scenes in the series and remembered how it felt overwhelming to talk to actor-director-singer Randy Santiago, whose served as his character’s father in the series. It was really a fun experience for him, even though he was really pressured at the same time.

The next sentence Edward had to complete was “The last time I cried was…” to which he revealed having done it a couple of days ago. He said he respects the privacy of others, which made him not reveal anymore the reason why he cried. “We all go through our stuff,” the young actor said, adding that because someone cries, he or she is automatically sad. “A lot of people think that you cry because you’re just sad. But no, because when you come to think of it, you cry when you’re happy or afraid. Crying is really a pinnacle or climax of any emotion.”

Then “The first thing I look in a person is…”, to which he disclosed that for him, it’s the way someone speaks. According to him, there are times when you talk to the most beautiful and sophisticated people, yet you tend to just not vibe with them. Edward added that what he takes note of is the tone of their voice and what they’re talking about.

The last was “The last time I said I love you was…”, to which Edward divulged that it was just a few moments before he started Kapamilya Confessions as he said ‘I love you’ to his mom. He shared that he makes it a habit to always show important people in his life that he cares for them and that his heart is with them through saying ‘I love you’ more often.

Moving on to the netizen’s questions, Edward was first asked what makes his heart beat the fastest out of all the many things he does. The most recent time, according to him, was when he first had an ASAP appearance during the ‘new normal’ and had to perform alongside seasoned performers while the directors were watching. Another time would be always before the first take of any program or movie scene that he would do.

He was then asked how it feels to get back to work again, to which the 20-year-old actor replied that he’s excited, but he still gets to feel a bit of fear and anxiety at the same time. He also shared that his faith really grew during the quarantine as he admitted that he didn’t really have the strength coming from his faith before the pandemic happened, but knowing God is there to guide him throughout everything just makes him more excited to get back to work.

The iWant ASAP host was then asked what message he has for people who have looked up to him since day one. He uttered his heartfelt ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’, but emphasized that he doesn’t want to be seen as someone perfect as he recalled doing that to another person. However, that person he idolized did something disappointing, thus Edward doesn’t want people to idolize him because he still errs.

Edward was then asked a quite funny question about trying to use underwear for two consecutive days, which he didn’t deny. Yet he emphasized that he has never used the same undergarment before and after taking a shower.

A netizen also got curious if Edward has any plans of becoming a pastor or if there’s a priest in his family, to which he imparted the really amusing story of his mom asking God for a son and promising Him to make that child a priest someday. Although Edward said he has no plans of being a pastor, he said confidently that he’ll always walk through his life with God.

Meanwhile, when asked what is the most important life lesson that he learned from Maymay, Edward answered that it would be leadership as Maymay serves as the breadwinner of her family. Being a leader, Edward said, already encapsulates being independent and giving respect.

Another MayWard fan asked him if there is any activity that he and the actress did during the quarantine. Edward said that he didn’t get to bond with her that much because of all the protocols and, of course, they’re not keen on disregarding the rules and do whatever they want despite their status.

If he did not join Pinoy Big Brother and is not currently in showbiz, Edward revealed that he’s probably in a university now, taking a writing degree because he really loves stuff like philosophy and psychology.

When asked if there’s one that question that he wanted to be asked in interviews but hasn’t heard yet, Edward said that it’s “How are you?.” It’s because he believes that that simple question could reveal so much in a people’s actual state as some just say they’re okay but in reality, they’re not.

Last, but definitely not the least, was his message to his loyal supporters so they can stay positive despite these trying times.

He said that there’s really nothing he can tell for them to have a positive outlook despite everything that’s been happening, including the prevalence of fake news and the toxicity on social media. He imparted how he used to be bashed and confessed that he used to get really affected by all the hateful things that people said about him. But ever since he knew God deeper, he realized that whatever other people will say about him doesn’t matter anymore for he is the son of the Man Above.

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