Joshua Garcia Just Like You

Six years after joining Pinoy Big Brother as one of the housemates of the All In edition, wherein he was introduced as the “Tatay’s Boy ng Batangas”, Joshua Garcia has indeed incredibly skyrocketed into becoming one of the most prominent and bankable actors of his generation.

He may not be fortunate enough to break into the Big 4, but he still apparently ended up a big winner since he stepped back to the outside world as he scored numerous television and movie projects and became ultimately in-demand after his remarkable stint in the reality show. He appeared in Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita (2015), The Greatest Love (2016), The Good Son (2017), Ngayon At Kailanman (2018), The Killer Bride (2019), “Vince and Kath and James” (2016), “Love You To The Stars and Back” (2017), “Unexpectedly Yours” (2017), “I Love You, Hater” (2018), and “Block Z” (2020).

However, not many of us know that before he was able to get to where he is right now and achieve the fame, fortune, and accolades he’s been savouring and reaping, the 22-year-old actor used to endure a lot of hardships in life. And for’s #JustLikeYou campaign, he opened up about his and his family’s plight then and how show business has tremendously changed his life ever since.

In this video, he took us back to his simple yet happy childhood in Bauan, Batangas and his inspiring and tough journey towards getting to where he is at present.

He started off by imparting how grateful he is of their grandmother and uncle priest who took care of and raised him and his older sister since their parents separated when he was still one year old, and how their lives had been difficult ever since their father lost his job. Besides, he also expressed how he misses his best friends who he used to go on road trips and other shenanigans before.

Joshua then recalled how their parents’ separation tremendously affected their family and how he almost entered the military after high school if only he didn’t join PBB in 2014 in order to support his family when his sister got pregnant. As we all know, he made it and became one of its remarkable housemates. But what we’re not aware of is the gruelling process he had to go through after getting evicted and stepping into the local entertainment scene. He opted to venture in acting since it’s a steadier gig and went through a number of workshops to further hone his skills. 

Even though he’s doing his best in order to improve himself and be able to keep pace with his fellow artists, he still had to face his biggest enemy – doubts, particularly when he got eliminated from a project in which he was initially the lead actor. He had to wait for a long time then to score another project and his patience did pay off when he got cast in the KathNiel-starrer 2016 movie “Barcelona: A Love Untold,” which became his gateway to more opportunities.

Moreover, Joshua compared how his life was before and now that he’s already a famous personality. From being a “tambay” and penniless, he has become more productive and financially stable since he has a job that enables him to learn different things every day, too. At the same time, from being a nobody, he’s continuously gaining the attention and admiration of everybody who appreciates him both as an individual and as an actor. He’s also able to buy his own motorcycle and car, get his family their own house, and send his sister and nephew to school.

The hearty interview concluded with him saying that he offers his success to his family who has been and will forever be with him and describing what he sees in the imaginary mirror placed in front of him.

He also left a piece of advice for people who tread on the same path that he used to take or is taking: “Siguraduhin n’yo muna na natapos n’yo ang pag-aaral n’yo, number one ‘yon. Dapat gusto n’yo rin ang ginagawa n’yo hindi dahil gusto n’yo lang maging famous, gusto n’yo lang sumikat. Dapat gusto n’yo ‘yon kasi may art kayo sa paggawa ng pelikula, may art kayo sa pag-acting, pagsayaw. Hindi ‘yong gusto n’yo lang pagkaguluhan kayo, dahil gusto n’yo lang marami kayong likes sa Instagram. Hindi dapat gano’n ‘yong thinking n’yo.”

Click on the video and see for yourself how Joshua Garcia is definitely just like us.