Janella Salvador plays the Five Seconds Challenge

There is no question that she has the beauty. Now, it is time to test her brains. In the Quick Questions Challenge, Janella Salvador has five seconds to list five things in each category. If she fails, then she will have to complete a dare.

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Some of the questions were easy. The five things that Janella cannot live without are pizzas, her phone, lip tints, eyelash curlers, and perfumes. She managed to remember five different cities in the Philippines. And of course, she could name five cast members from the hit primetimes series The Killer Bride—Maja Salvador, Miko Raval, Joshua Garcia, Geoff Eigenmann and herself.

Most of the time, however, she had to complete a dare. When Janella came up two mammals short of five, she sang her version of Daniel Padilla and Moira Dela Torre’s “Mabagal”. The Kapamilya actress failed to list five local universities, so she had to call a random person and wish them a happy birthday. Later on, she had to text this same person an “I love you” because she could not subtract 83 from 742 in time. “Ano akala n’yo sa akin Calculator?” she defended herself. From math to science, she also couldn’t recall the number of bones in a human body. As a consequence, she revealed that the 36th photo on her camera roll was of sunflowers and roses gifted to her.

Hindi ako maka-get over na five seconds na ‘yun, parang one second lang,” she said. There were moments when she completely blanked, but that’s okay since we got to hear her sing. If you loved her voice, then check out her latest single “Blanko”!