Hotspot: Sofia Andres shares wonderful experience being a first-time mom

Sofia Andres appeared on Hotspot last Tuesday, August 18, and shared the wonderful experience being a first-time mom, which has since brought joy and fulfillment.

 “I’m very, very happy. It’s a different feeling,” Sofia told DJ Jhai Ho in this Hotspot episode, adding that it makes her heart full to have a daughter, while enjoying the support and company of a big and complete happy family. Sofia said once you become a mom, you’d really know the true meaning of love. And the most fulfilling part, Sofia shared, of becoming a mom, was the moment she brought her daughter in the world safely and with no complications. And for that she’s forever thankful.

Sofia then took us back to the moment when she first knew that she was going to be a mother. She was at her first shoot for a commercial when she felt sick and as she described it, she felt differently that time and it wasn’t just the usual headache. And that moment, she herself knew already that she was pregnant. She added that she didn’t even have to take a pregnancy test, but just to make sure, she had herself tested. Then it became official—she was indeed expecting a child with boyfriend Daniel Miranda. Sofia shared that she was more excited than nervous, yet worried about their parents’ reaction and the impact on her career.

When she told Daniel about her pregnancy, Sofia said she felt so happy that her partner assured her that he was going to fully assume responsibility and take care of her and their child. On the other hand, Sofia also told the news to her celebrity friends including Kathryn Bernardo, Ria Atayde, Loisa Andalio, Matteo Guidicelli, Bianca King, and Dominique Cojuangco. When DJ Jhai brought up the issue of bashers, the young mom-actress said that she chose not to stress herself out and not think of what people would say about her. And their daughter, baby Zoe, became the reflection of her whole pregnancy journey which was stress-free and blissful.

Sofia said her lifestyle, everyday routines have changed ever since she becoming a mom. For instance, she would wake up at around six or seven in the morning to do her yoga exercises and then she would spend the rest of the day with baby Zoe.

And when asked how Daniel has been as a father, Sofia said that he has been very hands-on. Sofia shared Daniel would always see to it that he checks baby Zoe’s temperature every day to make sure she’s okay. He’s even the one who changes Zoe’s diapers and prepares her milk. Sofia said he loved how Daniel turned out to be more mature when he became a dad. As for their plans of getting married, she said they chose take things slow, and become financially stable first before finally tying the knot.

When asked about her skincare routine, Sofia said she only has two essentials: wipes and a toner. Sofia added that she actually doesn’t put on too much makeup, since she said it could damage her skin. She also keeps a healthy diet, with a balanced mix of meat and vegetables.

Lastly, Sofia shared how she prepared for the Star Magic Love From Home lockdown portraits catalogue with the help of Daniel’s cousin. She said she decided to just to have her photos taken by the pool, which turned out to be really nice.

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