Hotspot: Sam Cruz reveals her celebrity crushes

Young and rising artist Sam Cruz has finally launched her first ever single titled “Train of Thought” and in this episode of Hotspot, she shared with DJ Jhai Ho the story behind the song.

Sam started her singing career when she signed with Universal Records when she was 15. She then decided to rework on her newest single early last year and was able to sign with Star Magic late last year. You could also see Sam perform with the new breed of singers in ASAP Natin ‘To.

Sam then shared that ever since she was a child, she always wanted to become a singer. Moreover, whenever she would watch her parents on screen, she would always know that she wants to follow their footsteps. Sam was also grateful in sharing how her celebrity mother Sunshine Cruz has always been very supportive of her. For instance, Sam shared, Sunshine would always repost her promos. Meanwhile, her sisters Chesca and Angelina have also showed massive support especially when she finally released “Train of Thought”.

Sam shared that her single is actually about a girl who loses her train of thought every time she sees her crush. And Sam did not deny that she also had her fair share of such experiences. Sam was then asked who her top three celebrity crushes are, Sam got kilig when she answered Piolo Pascual, Enrique Gil, and Jameson Blake.

After sharing the story behind her debut single, Sam gave DJ Jhai Ho and viewers a tour of her bedroom. You could see that she has a collection of Polaroid cameras and movie posters. She also shared that ever since they were kids, she and her sisters have had their own rooms. Sam also shared that before, she actually used to be a night owl but when they had their quick beach trip, she said their sleeping schedule was fixed so she’s recently been sleeping early.

Meanwhile, Sam also said that her half-brother Diego Loyzaga has been so sweet as he always gives them the best gifts and always checks up on them. Sam added that they actually shared bonding moments with their Diego’s girlfriend Barbie Imperial when she and Diego visited their house and had dinner.

In terms of reacting to and dealing with the disrespectful comments of some netizens whenever they post revealing photos, Sam said that they just actually ignore them but when one of their family members gets hurt over it, they step up and do something about it. And Sam’s message is that women are free to wear anything they are comfortable with because they want to feel confident and definitely not to please people, especially men.

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