Get to know more of Francis Magundayao and his other passions in this house tour!

Francis Magundayao is more talented than you think!

The young actor tours us around his room and house for the first time, giving us a glimpse of his passion apart from acting. The cool gaming rig caught our attention. It glows with LED lights to keep him in the zone. Francis’ love for gaming is an influence of former A Soldier’s Heart co-stars including Nash Aguas.

The multi-talented artist is also a photography enthusiast. He produces videos in his free time and even takes videography gigs. He collects novelty items, of course, showing us a 35 mm film camera. Keeping up with the trend, he combines his videography and dancing skills for online content.

Add ‘music’ to his impressive resume! Francis plays the drums on his free time and for Sunday church service.

In the next room, he showed us a neatly displayed shoe and hat collection. He used to be a hardcore ‘sneakerhead’ but this waned a little in high school and college. A Jordan 1 High Volts is the recent addition to the bunch of footwear while a green Lacoste cap is his favorite accessory. He said the cap was a gift from Star Magic, so it reminds him of the day he officially became a Kapamilya. Plus, it goes well with everything.

Flaunted in the living room are the accolades of the Magundayao kids. Francis panned the camera to the display rack with his Best Supporting Actor trophy atop. He also snagged scholastic awards in high school.

Hinting at where he got the photography genes, Francis said his late father used to love taking snapshots, thus an adorable exhibit of family photos in the living room. Francis is the third in the brood of four.