Enzo Pineda takes on the First and Last Challenge

Kapamilya actor Enzo Pineda was hit by realizations about family, faith, and the things that truly matter as he battled against COVID-19. Now fully recovered, Enzo catches up with his fans and answers questions from the netizens in this episode of Kapamilya Confessions.

The COVID-19 survivor owned up to some negligence on his part, saying he was “careless” and he possibly caught the virus from outside. Unfortunately, his father also contracted the virus. He had a milder case compared to his dad who was also diagnosed with pneumonia.

Enzo was given the clearance to undergo home quarantine yet he volunteered to stay in the hospital and tend to his dad. They stayed in the same room for a week. And that was the most painful part of the experience – to witness his dad go through so much pain. Thus, Enzo warned others not to take the virus lightly. 

“Napakahirap pong magka-COVID, so alagan ninyo ang mga magulang ninyo especially ‘yung mga seniors. Hindi po biro ito. ‘Yung Daddy ko nahawa sa akin kasi labas ako nang labas, naging careless ako. Please, sa mga bata diyan, always be responsible dahil kung magkasakit kayo, magkakasakit din ang family n’yo,” said Enzo.

During those anxious times, Enzo found inspiration from his family and loved ones. More than anything, he drew strength from the Man above. He is grateful for the new lease on life that brought their family tighter. Enzo is no longer the guy who considered fame, money, and material things as the ultimate goals. The pandemic and COVID-19 journey taught him that nothing is more important than an intimate relationship with the family.

To the patients on the road to recovery, Enzo stressed the power of prayers. He asked those with loved ones or friends diagnosed with COVID-19 to show encouragement.

Enzo is thankful to his girlfriend, Michelle Vito, for keeping him in good spirits. The lovebirds swooned fans as they confirmed their relationship earlier this quarantine. Enzo considers Michelle as a blessing in his life. He said he’s never met someone as sweet and caring as her. The lovely Michelle loves to spoil him with gifts or food on random days. More importantly, she is a good listener, a quality so rare in this age of noise. Enzo further described his sweetheart as selfless.  

Now that Michelle is busy with Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin lock-in taping, they rarely see each other. They would keep in touch by messaging. If the schedule permits, they plan to meet after Michelle’s tapings for her post-birthday celebration. 

They’ve been together for only less than a year but Enzo can see Michelle as a part of his future. He isn’t the type to enter a relationship without long-term plans, saying playing games is just a waste of time. He sees himself settling down at 35. “I’ll do my best para pasayahin si Michelle,” he promised when asked about the sweetest things he does for her.

Enzo’s lockdown days are spent gardening, cooking, reading books, and exercising. His workout regimen is a combination of HIIT training, boxing, and running.

Of course, he misses acting and the daily hustle on the set. Enzo has an entry for the upcoming Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2020 that’s slated to commence by the end of the month. He has done some gay roles in the past so he is open to take a BL project in case offered. If he could live the life of his past characters for a day, he’d go for Datu from the Kapamilya epic-serye Bagani simply because he’s a powerful man ruling over a fantasy world.

Enzo is not at all affected by his bashers unlike years ago when he’d rummage through the comment section. With this, he urged everyone to stop spreading the hate. “The world needs more good instead of us trying to hate each other. Mas maganda mag-promote na lang po tayo ng good vibes at kung wala po tayong magandang sasabihin, huwag na lang po tayong magsalita,” said Enzo. Meanwhile, he left a sweet message of gratitude to his supporters. He said he appreciates them now more than ever.  

The Kapamilya actor also took on the First and Last Challenge. We’re reminded that Sarah Lahbati was his first love team partner. On the first person who broke his heart, Enzo revealed, “Mayroon akong niligawan dati noong high school at binasted niya ako. Umiyak ako sa kuya ko after.”

Michelle is always the last person he thinks about. And the last message he sent was, “Kumusta taping mo, mahal? Ano lunch mo or hindi ka na naman nag-lunch?”

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