Edward Barber looks back on his dreams and how he made it to the industry

Wanting to help his businessman dad, Edward Barber’s childhood dream was to become a psychologist to understand consumers’ thinking and make interactions a lot easier. He also wanted to become an author. Edward never saw himself joining showbiz. But that’s where life led him to and he’s glad to have made the right choices.

Edward had a typical childhood in Germany. He had his sister Laura as best friend and constant tutor. And although he went to regular school, Edward grew up shy. They were trained to be independent kids capable of making their own decisions at the same time reassured of their parents’ support. 

The sense of independence helped Edward survive his long stint in the Pinoy Big Brother house. He can now say that every experience in Germany prepared him for a bigger destiny in the Philippines.

Edward never thought he’d become an actor until the Dolce Amore cast went to Germany for a show. Having a huge crush on Liza Soberano and not wanting to miss out on that event, Edward went to the gathering with his family. A TFC (The Filipino Channel) staff took his photo and asked if he’s interested to audition for PBB.

Edward tried his luck, thinking it would be a great experience. He passed the auditions, joined PBB, and eventually became a celebrity. Looking back, Edward could say that it wasn’t an easy path. He thought he’d be kicked out of the house early on due to language barrier. He wasn’t fluent in Tagalog then. ‘Voluntary exit’ crossed his mind on his second night inside bahay ni Kuya.  

He also had to give up his schooling, time with family, and the normal teenage life. But all these sacrifices brought him to a place of growth and success.

In an acting task for PBB, Edward impressed no less than Director Rory Quintos with his potential. The celebrated director even tagged him as “The Next Big Thing.” When Edward saw the clip, he got a full understanding of how God works. He knew the Man above put him in the industry. “Before, it wasn’t really my dream but now it has become my dream and I’m living it,” he said.

The young heartthrob got his first taste of buhay-artista right after exiting the PBB house. He and loveteam partner Maymay Entrata performed on the ASAP Natin ‘To the day after the Big Night. Although he was surprised by the public attention and sudden change in his life, Edward enjoyed every minute of it. He even called his sister and bragged about his first talent fee, overwhelmed to be earning big at a young age, and even without university credentials like her.

Talking more about defining moments, Edward recalled feeling anxious during his first days hosting PBB Online. His co-host Robi Domingo approached him off-cam to give encouraging words, and that was the first piece of advice he got from a senior artist.

Edward now learned to embrace his life as an actor. He found his home and the passion he could be proud of. As advice to his 7-year-old self, Edward emphasized spirituality and a deeper relationship with God. He now looks at life as a story only he has the power to write.