Dominic Ochoa shares passion for speed with vintage cars

Looking at the silverlining in this time of pandemic, Dominic Ochoa would like to believe that the world just took a breather, a slow-down to give us time to take a pause and appreciate the little things. Thoughts like he is still alive and that he is still with his family always keeps him grounded and looking forward to the coming days. If there’s one powerful weapon that pushes him to keep on fighting, it would be none other than prayers. “In order for us to rise again, we just need to kneel down.” Dominic added that there are limitless ways to be productive, like how he managed to try his hands at a small business, tutor his son, and be the most effective ‘man of the house.’

Aside from being a passionate actor, Dominic is also a certified car nut. This isn’t a secret, anyway, as he is known to dominate the tracks, with impressive car racing accolades under his belt and a vintage auto collection that every male adrenaline junkie would envy.

Dominic took us to his garage and had us gawking at his exotic Volkswagen Beetle, a popular one in the car community and was originally owned by the late Danding Cojuangco. Next on his classy old-school collection is a 1979 Ford Escort, his dad’s favorite and a classic 1995 Range Rover, still adorned with its original paint and interior. Also on display is his winning race car in the 2018 Vios Cup where he emerged as the champion. His college car since 1993 is still seated in the garage, as he considers it his lucky charm. He also owns a 1960 MGA, which he uses in tours. Parked at the sides of the garage are his motocross buddies.

’Yan lang ang mga hilig ko ngayon. Kapag wala tayong ginagawa, I drive it around. Sometimes kailangan natin ng kaunting panahon para mag-isa, so that’s what I do. I drive around kahit ako lang or sometimes I have breakfast with friends.” Dominic finds comfort and relaxation with driving around with friends on a Sunday morning.

This penchant for cars started with the influence of Dominic’s father, also a racer. The first car he and his Dad restored together was the 1979 Ford Escort. Asked which among his collection is his most favorite, Dominic said, “Lahat sila paborito ko kasi lahat ‘yan may istorya. The Range Rover ginamit ko panligaw sa asawa ko, ‘yung Escort unang binuo namin ng Daddy ko, ‘yung college car iyon ang swerte sa buhay ko at kasama ko sa hirap at ginhawa.”