Dominic Ochoa excels at ‘daddy duties’ during quarantine period!

Seasoned actor Dominic Ochoa keeps us company every night in the rerun of May Bukas Pa where he portrays as Father Jose, a priest and father-figure to the orphaned Santino (Zaijan Jaranilla). In real life, Dominic is also a dad to his handsome eight-year-old son, Sandro.

Dominic is a hands-on family man. His social media posts and that of wife, Denise’s, are there to prove so. And now that he is stuck at home due to the Luzon-wide lockdown protocols, Dominic got more reasons to love home. Find out how he bonds with Sandro 24/7 in this video.

Even if it’s a no-school period, Dominic makes sure that their home remains an effective learning environment for his son. He commits a portion of the day to Sandro’s home studies – brain activity and parental interaction combined! Dad slash tutor, Dominic prepared Sandro for an online exam on Civics and Filipino. “Who is the best Filipino painter,” asked Dominic. “He is not the best, just ‘considered’ the best,” the little guy argued, prompting his Dad to jest, “Pasensiya naman!” On the next question about the name of the hero dubbed as the ‘Mother of Katipunan’, Sandro got the right answer – Melchora Aquino – after a thorough recall of how the great woman looks. The cutie boy impressed us with his tough memorization skills as he got a perfect score during the review.

The young Ochoa got his father’s passion for automotive, proven during their carwash bonding sesh! The public knows how much of a car nut Dominic is. He is a veteran racer known to dominate the tracks, with impressive accolades under his belt and a car collection that every male adrenaline junkie would envy. His winning car got some pampering courtesy of Dominic himself and his little assistant carwash boy, Sandro who flaunted his antics by playing a bit of hide-and-seek with Dad. “Your car reflects your personality,” said Dominic while doing some car scrubbing with Sandro. Of course, father-and-son bonding at the garage will not be complete without a play with soap and water!

Afterwards, the guys munched on pieces of turon, Dominic’s favorite, for merienda. When asked about his favorite snacks, Sandro mentioned mom’s cooking especially ‘ham and cheese with tuna’.

The tandem bonded over Sandro’s ultimate playtime hobby – building legos – after that yummy merienda treat. “’Pag yumaman tayo, papagawa ako ng swimming pool,” Dominic quipped upon seeing Sandro’s creative output modelling a house with a swimming pool; and an open area which Sandro thought was perfect for Dad’s beer drinking session.

Sports time came next. Since Sandro’s regular football trainings have been cancelled, Daddy Dom serves as his coach for the meantime. Little football guy got the skills!

As they strengthen their bond at home, Dominic and Sandro prove that they are an adorable duo. Which of their ECQ routine did you like best?