Denise Laurel on her preference between bida and kontrabida roles: "Kahit saan nila ako itapon, go lang"

After wowing us with her remarkable stint in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano as the gorgeous yet tough Police C/Insp. Alex Romero, which was succeeded by her portrayals in the weekly series The Haunted and 24/7, for sure, many of us have already missed Denise Laurel. And last Sunday, October 11, we got the chance to catch up with her as she graced Jeepney TV’s Showbiz Pa More!

Since it was her first time in the program, host DJ Jhai Ho initially gave her an exciting warmup before heading on to the question and answer portion by having her take on the Would You Rather Challenge.

First off, she was asked whether she prefers playing bida or kontrabida roles, to which she refused to choose. “Ang hirap! SIyempre, kahit anong ibigay sa akin todo tanggap ako kasi kalian ko pa ba magagawa lahat ng ‘to kundi ngayon. So lahat ng ibinibigay sa akin ng [ABS-CBN], go lang ako nang go. Ever since bagets ako, parang never yata akong tumanggi ng project. Parang once lang yata dahil may sakit ako, pero bukod do’n, go lang ako nang go kasi ‘di mo talaga alam kung kalian ‘yong huli mo, di ba?” she said.

Then continued, “Saka napapakita ko talaga ‘yong iba ibang ways of being a kontrabida and a bida, so kahit saan nila ako itapon, go lang. Be the best anywhere, ganon.”

Apart from acting and singing, we’re able to discover that Denise is also into painting as she chose “ikaw ang magpipinta” (to be the one painting) rather than “ikaw ang ipipinta” (being the one to be painted).

“Matagal na akong di nakakapagpinta pero ‘yon talaga ‘yong hilig ko kapag kailangan kong mag-relax bukod sa pagwo-workout at siyempre ‘yong time ko with my son. Dati, bago pa siya dumating, nagpa-painting ako kapag may time ako. Feeling ko kapag ako ‘yong nakaupo at ako ‘yong pinipinta, maiinip lang ako kasi iisipin ko, ‘uy, ang dami kong pwedeng gawin. So, ako na lang magpipinta,” she disclosed.

The 33-year-old star wasn’t able to contain her kilig when DJ Jhai Ho had her choose between Piolo Pascual and Park Seo Joon to be her next leading man in a project. Even though she admitted having a deep admiration with the Ultimate Heartthrob, her being a huge fan of the popular Korean actor won this time.

“Actually, ‘di naman ako nagfa-fangirl. ‘Di ako ma-fangirl na tao, pero noong nakita ko si Park Seo Joon as an actor. Kapag nanonood ako ng TV, ‘di ko masyadong pinapanood ‘yong kilig-kilig; pinapanood ko ‘yong technique nila, ‘yong camerawork, ‘yong cinematography, ‘yong storytelling,” she enthused.

Then she added, “Sa mga reality shows niya, he’s always eager to learn and I find it so admirable with anyone whether you’re successful or not. If you’re always fond to learn, I’m a fan because you never stop learning talaga no matter where you are in life.”

When asked if she prefers being a nun or a martial artist in another life, she said that she would choose both. But in this lifetime, she would probably be a martial artist only if she still got the moves, so she wishes to be given an action project.

Furthermore, if she would be blessed to have another child in the future, the seasoned actress opts to have a son again since she’s the boyish type. Being surrounded by boys growing up and having Alejandro as his firstborn, she has seemingly been comfortable hanging out with guys. While it’s just normal for some, that actually gave other people around her the notion that she’s flirty or malandi and the creators of Ang TV a little trouble for they didn’t know whether to group her with the girls or with the boys, according to her.

And lastly, when asked regarding the type of wedding she would want someday, she would rather go for an intimate wedding than a grand one. DJ Jhai Ho was also able to quiz her regarding the status of her love life now, to which she implied that she’s currently single.

“Siguro ‘di lang do’n naka-focus ‘yong utak ko or dahil feeling ko sa tagal ko na sa industriya, medyo tumatanda rin ‘yong emotional intelligence mo or ‘yong utak mo. Sobrang content lang ako. Parang wala na akong masyadong hinahanap pa, parang sobrang okay na sa’kin ‘yong life namin ng anak ko, ‘yong family ko, with work,” she shared.

She then went on to confess, “I’m single pero ngumingiti pa rin ako kasi ‘yon nga kasi I’m very content and happy and chill lang. Parang feeling ko, mas nagagawa ko lahat ng mga gusto ko. Mas focused ako as a human being and mas focused din ako as a mom. Siguro ‘pag sinabi ni God na ‘o, hayan, binibigay ko na sa’yo. Tanggapin mo na’. Sige, go. Pero sa ngayon, I’m super steady, super happy, and plantita ako so madami rin akong mga alaga.”