Chubby Bunny Challenge with MayWard

MayWard has some of the sweetest songs that are perfect for any couple. The lyrics are cute and touching. “Kahit burger lang walang fries, basta’t you are here by my side.” But how well can you sing a song when you have a mouth full of marshmallows? Can you even say the title?

In this fun video, Maymay Entrata and Edward took on the Chubby Bunny Challenge with a twist! They tried to fit as many marshmallows in their mouth and say “Heart, Heart Girl”. It is hilarious for the players and people watching.

Maymay got to 12 points. Her technique was to alternate between her cheeks. She gagged at number nine but wanted to keep going. In the end, it looked like her mouth was going to explode with marshmallows. So, it was time to give up. On the other hand, Edward was more relaxed. His style was to focus stuffing one cheek at a time like a pro. He was able to fill his left cheek with nine marshmallows before starting on the right one. His final score was 14 points which is why he is the Chubby Bunny King.

Can you beat their scores? We recommend taking on this challenge while listening to “Heart, Heart Girl” by Maymay. It is from her album #M0806 and is available on all digital platforms!

If you want to see MayWard take on more challenges, the two also played the Read My Lips Challenge! The twist is that they tried to guess lines from Edward’s song “Meant to Be”! His song is from the album #E0806 is also available on all digital platforms.

MayWard plays the Read My Lips Challenge