Chacha Canete wows the world in Europop 2014
Chacha was the youngest (and the smallest) participant, but held her own against Europe’s best, including much older and grizzled singing contest veterans who competed worldwide, including some who have already joined this very prestigious singing competition in the past. She was even one of the crowd favorites, and was one of the most applauded delegates during her performances and in the actual announcement of winners. She earned praises not only from the judges and organizers, but to the other countries’ delegates, coaches and team members, as well. She was bracketed in the 10-13 year-old category, the toughest group, as this age bracket consisted the most number of entries, as some countries only competed in this age group. There were 18 contestants in the 10-13 age group, while there were 15 participants in both the 14-17 and 18-24 year-old brackets.

Other Philippine delegates who won and were included in the finals night were: Ana Katrina Ramsey (1st, 18-24 division; Gleenette Gaddi 3rd, 14-17 division and Gian Marla Gloria 4th, 18-24 division).

The Philippines was the first country outside of Europe to join the prestigious singing competition, as the Filipinos were invited to join the event because they know how good Filipino singers are.