Spotlight on Daniel Padilla



Those who rarely see Daniel in person might wonder who he was the first time they see him setting things up for the Teen King. But the Teen King’s fans would definitely know that wherever Daniel is, Armand Cruz or simply Tito Dho is going to be there. Not buts, no ifs.

But who is Tito Dho?

His relationship with the Ford family dates back to as far as Queen Mother Karla Estrada’s high school years. Long before she was famous. Long before she had kids. And long before there was Daniel.

In total, the two have been the best of friends for 26 years.

He was unquestionably part of the family and one of the few people who saw Daniel grow up—literally--right before his eyes. He saw how the young Daniel initially had the astig Padilla image. He saw everything unfold and become bigger. He saw how all the hardships turned into triumphs. And how all the minor projects transformed into international recognitions.


Fast forward to this day, when Daniel’s celebrity status has grown larger than life, Tito Dho proudly shared that some simple things about the Teen King, or Din Din as he calls him, never really changed.


Apart from his Tito Dho, another constant figure in Daniel’s day-to-day celebrity activities is his Tita Ana Marie Lim.

Tita Ana, as the fans call her, is Daniel’s second wingman or wingwoman in this case aside from Tito Dho. Tita Ana is Daniel’s ultimate go-to person, as he trusts her to look after him whenever they are outside and even while inside their home.

In essence, Tita Ana is somewhat Daniel’s second mother. What many probably do not know is that she is actually Queen Mother’s third sibling, who is the mother of Daniel’s favorite baby cousin Jordan.


Just like how the usual saying goes, people get utmost joy out of the simplest of things. In Daniel’s case it means food. Lots of them with his loved ones.

If in case he feels like just winding down and discovering new things at the comfort of his own room, where he is likely to hole in during no work days, he devotes his time to his newfound love of watching gripping documentaries.

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