Spotlight on Piolo Pascual- Part 6

Post 12. Slumbook Piolo style

Even though we’ve tried to get to know Papa P through other people’s eyes, we still think we don’t know him that much.

And so we asked Piolo himself to do a quick slumbook questionnaire for us, just so we’d know some more basic stuff about him.


Post 13. Piolo in Their Eyes

Since we’re into uncovering a different side of the Ultimate Heartthrob we also set out to ask his loved ones and colleagues to share one distinct detail about him.

Here’s how it went!


Post 14. Disguise

How do you challenge someone as daring and outgoing as Papa P? You put him in a disguise! Here’s the one and only Papa P trying to act like a waiter in one carinderia one sunny afternoon.

Did he succeed in fooling the customers? Find out here!


Post 15. Box of Emotions Challenge

Ever wondered how Papa P would look like when he’s making faces? Would he still be as hot?

Here’s what happened when we dared Papa P to take on the Box of Emotions challenge!


Post 16. Ultimate Feels challenge

Piolo dives, bikes, swims, exercises like crazy and eats like a giant. We know for a fact that he’s not one to back down from any challenge—well that’s what we thought until he did our Ultimate Feels Challenge!

PS. Sorry Papa P for putting you in so much torture!


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