Spotlight on Piolo Pascual- Part 5

Post 7. Failure and Midlife Crisis

Although he seems perfect to many people, Piolo was candid enough to admit that he’s far from being one, what with all his flaws and failures.

In fact, Piolo has slipped into some sort of midlife crisis two years ago when he shocked the public and suddenly announced plans of wanting to quit the limelight.

But thankfully, he was able to come into an epiphany. So, how was he able to step out of that dark moment?


Post 8. Privacy and being shy

If there’s one thing that Piolo hopes to change now that he is 40 and he already has two decades worth of experience in the business, it would have to be his timid character.

For years, Piolo has been perceived as shy and reserved even if his life has been an open book to the public.

What many do not know is that, two decades of being in the business hasn’t even desensitized Piolo of fame. To this day he still gets jitters before he takes the “ASAP” stage, whenever he gets a new movie or even before he faces the members of the press.



Post 9. Good and bad side

If there’s one adjective that people continuously use to describe Piolo it has always been “kind.”

According to him, his goodness sometimes gets him into trouble as he is the type of person who gives leeway to people who hardly deserve it. He always tries to understand and looks at another perspective whenever a person becomes difficult.

But this is not to say that he doesn’t feel angry at all. If anything he doesn’t like people who are slacking off.

“I hate it when people are really lazy. I just want to make every moment count. Live in the moment and be a good person,” he said.


Post 10. Vulnerability and Passion

Amid all those things, what made Piolo thrive in this business, aside from his character and talent, would have to be his passion.

His passion for the craft went as far as him actually focusing on it too much that the other aspects of his life (ie. His love life) unfortunately had to suffer.


Post 11. Bachelor’s pad

Naturally, his two-decade long success has allowed him to invest on some things. His newest one is his enviable man cave.

According to him the design of his condo unit was inspired by his and his sister Pat’s desire for anything chill and laidback.

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