Spotlight on Piolo Pascual- Part 4

Day 2

Post 1. Finding friends in the business

Twenty years in the business and Piolo can confidently say that he has made no enemy. The Ultimate Heartthrob claimed that he consciously take an effort to make friends whether it be with the new and old stars.

So when he encounters people who visibly hate him and for no apparent reason, Piolo has but one perspective about them: “people come and go.” And those kinds of negative people should go.


Post 2. Zanjoe Marudo

In order to have an idea of what type of friend he was; we talked to some of closest friends in the business. Every single one of them happily obliged to share their experiences and memories with him.

First on the list was hunky star Zanjoe whom he first met on the set of their 2009 series “Lovers in Paris” where he played the role of Piolo’s younger brother, Martin Barrameda.

Since then the two have been close because, as he says “Piolo doesn’t have any wall.” But what particularly made Zanjoe appreciate his friendship with his “taping friend” was when he gave him a sound advice that helped him get through a tough moment in his life.


Post 3. Angelica Panganiban

While she cannot specifically pin point when they became close, Angelica recalls that it could have peaked when she and Piolo worked on their movie “Every Breath U Take” in 2012.

Even though she didn’t need much effort to adjust to Piolo’s attitude, Angelica appreciates how he made it a point to really get to know her as a friend.

Since then, she has been part of a secret viber group along with Maja Salvador, Bea Alonzo, and Shaina Magdayao who are “playfully competing” for Papa P’s undivided attention.


Post 4. Maja Salvador

Maja never envisioned getting close to Piolo when they were just beginning to tape their soap “Sa Piling Mo.” But as days went on, Maja found herself gravitating towards the heartthrob.

But what really sealed their friendship was their bonding sessions in ASAP where Maja recalls being “feeling close” to Papa P helped a lot.

It was actually Maja who revealed about their secret Viber group where she often sends photos of her and Papa P because she is often “nakakalamang sakanila.”


Post 5. Gerald Anderson

Although they often see each other in various occasions, Gerald counts the many times they’ve spent traveling for Bida Boys tour abroad as the moments when he and Piolo got really close.

Thankfully, Gerald also got the chance to work together and learn from Piolo in the sports show “Team U,” as well as the Erik Matti film “On The Job.”

Gerald could still recall how gracious Piolo was in giving tips to newbies in the business.


Post 5. Yen Santos

Papa P’s newest leading lady Yen admits that she still feels starstruck whenever they do scenes together, especially when they were shooting in New Zealand.

On top of his good looks, Yen particularly appreciates how Piolo made an effort to reach out to her, as the newer artist, and to her feel comfortable while they were working together.

The two are set to star in their first romance film under Regal Films titled “My Northern Lights” which will hit the theaters this coming March 29.

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