Spotlight on Darren Espanto, Part 4


Two years since the release of his debut album, young Total Performer Darren Espanto finally has a new offering that his fans can enjoy.

Having “matured” in the business, in a way, Darren was able to learn a few newer ropes and so he became more hands-on in creating Be With Me. The biggest surprise in the all-original, 10-track album was the fact that Darren included two of his own compositions in it.

This time, instead of just being a singer and a dancer, Darren has also unleashed his composer side, which according to him has apparently been in him for a long while. | @darrenespanto1


To help him in upping the ante of his show, Darren tapped guests who had a “personal connection” with him. Darren is set to share D Total Experience stage with his mentor Jed Madela and his Ate Maja Salvador, with whom he often ends up getting an award together with.

Then there is also his Kuya Iñigo Pascual, who has been there in guiding him about the ins and outs of the business, and his good friend and rising singer Ylona Garcia. | @darrenespanto1 @iammajasalvador @jedmadelaofficial @iminigopascual @ylonagarcia

With a vocal range and command of singing voice as exceptional as his, Darren let us in a little secret. What many probably do not know is that Darren is good in doing musical impressions of certain people.

To put his talent to the test, we made him do a spontaneous Impressions Challenge. On this part, he musically impersonated three people namely pop star Ariana Grande, Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano and The Voice Kids coach Bamboo. | @darrenespanto1
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