Angelica Panganiban's most iconic roles in Star Cinema movies

If there is one actress that any of us could relate to in whatever role she plays, it is Angelica Panganiban. She knows exactly how to strike a chord in our hearts to make us feel all sorts of emotions from over the top happy to heartbroken like there is no tomorrow. Currently as Patty on the morning series Playhouse, we walked with her through the aftermath of a break up and the task of picking up the pieces. Now, reacquaint yourself with her previous characters that only proves that she is understands our deepest feelings.

As Mace from 2014’s “That Thing Called Tadhana” she was basically everyone when she started balling her eyes during “One More Chance’s” iconic scene. And when her co-star JM de Guzman suggested she needed tissue, her reaction explained that sometimes you do not want to be comforted. You just need to cry out the pain.

Emotions are like a maze that we often blindly navigate but it is by venting out that guides us to the end. Karyn from 2007’s “A Love Story” and Jacqueline from 2012’s “One More Try” both know the feeling of being betrayed. Meanwhile, Lizelle from 2009’s “I Love You, Goodbye” and Anne from 2016’s “The Unmarried Wife” both showed courage in walking out. Even if you did not experience what these ladies went through, Angelica’s performance is enough to make it seem what it is like to be in their shoes. 

Although, not all men would break your heart. It does not hurt to have a knight in shining armor once in a while. We saw this in 2012’s “Every Breath U Take” when Majoy was saved by Piolo Pascual. One woman, however, who does not need saving is Oprah from from 2011’s “Bulong.” Just by how coolly she brandished her knife, only shows that she can take care of herself.

Which one of these characters do you see yourself as?