Spotlight on Kathryn Bernardo


Maybe this generation's Teen Queen -- visible in all media platforms, reaping awards and endorsements and leads television and movie assignments but all of these are products of her hard work and dedication. She encountered many disappointments and trials along the way and there have been times that she has thought of giving up. But with the help of her loved ones and supporters, Kathryn kept on and persevered, knowing what she wants and is always on her toes in pursuing them. She is very passionate in her craft and roles. Even to this day for example, she would insist in rehearsing dance routines over and over until she is satisfied with her performance. She is diligent in studying her characters and works closely with directors to set clear characterization on her roles.

At 20, she has grown in front of our eyes from a child star to a sensitive young actress. More importantly, her family is thankful that Kathryn has remained down to earth and accepting even with all of her achievements.

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