Spotlight on Kathryn Bernardo


Having a pet lover for a family, Kath grew up around dogs and is very hands on caring for them even as a child. She bathes, plays and lies with them all the time.

She loves dogs so much that she bought a Shih Tzu with her first paycheck. Her sister Kaye reveals that one thing that can bring Kathryn down is when one of her pets get sick.

When Kathryn heard about Cara Welfare Philippines, she became a supporter right away. CARA is a non- government, non-profit organization that aims to address animal over population and promotes proper care of pets.

Now, Kathryn has 4 dogs, her favorite of which is Cloud, a Golden Retriever that you may have seen in a lot of her Instagram posts.


"Kathryn tries very hard to balance her studies and her career. Being a student and being a busy actress is very taxing but she manages.

Kathryn was looking at the painting "Parisian Life". She saw the painting and immediately said" I know this painting. We discussed this!" The look in her eyes was amazing.

Kath, may you have a fruitful year ahead filled with projects and studies. Don't forget to keep a balance between the two. Your teachers, Dean Ed and I know that are an achiever and capable of so much more. Here's to another year of greater achievements especially in your studies."

Ms. Felix, Professor, Enderun Colleges


Just like any other teen, Kathryn loves catching up with her friends sharing music, fashion and food. They do sleep overs in style wearing onesies, bake cookies or cupcakes together, plan surprise birthdays for friends, attend concerts of their favorites stars or simply hang at each other houses exchanging stories. When they have extra time, they also travel together, exploring new places and activities they haven't tried before. Here we feature some of the pictures from one of Kathryn's closest friends, Athena.

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