Spotlight on Piolo Pascual- Part 2

Post 7. Coffee Table Books

Since he came into the business at a point when social media and the internet for that matter weren’t much of a trend yet, Piolo’s achievements and projects were documented through a number of coffee table books. In fact a new book about him courtesy of ABS-CBN Publishing is set to come out soon.

David Fabros, author of his first pictorial biography “Piolo: Believing,” recalled that working on the book has allowed him to discover just how organized Piolo was and how much he values memories with the massive amount of photos that he has kept through the years.


Post 8. Singer

Whether it was a stroke of luck or not, another door opened for Piolo around the same time when he delved into hosting as part of the Sunday variety show ASAP—that is to try his luck in the music scene.

Now, he counts 10 studio albums under his belt, which is composed of solo albums, soundtracks and TV theme songs, most recent of which was the eponymously titled theme song of the recently concluded soap “Magpahanggang Wakas.”


Post 9. Louie Ocampo

Among Piolo’s first composers was Louie Ocampo. Their working relationship began during his breakout film “Lagarista.” Then it was followed by the “Pop Icons” concert at the Big Dome in 2009 together with Sam Milby, Erik Santos, Mark Bautista and Christian Bautista.

But the longest that they’ve worked together was when Piolo was recording his “Renditions: Songs of Louie Ocampo” album in 2005.

What was your favorite Papa P song of all time?


Post 10. Concerts

Quite naturally, with him delving into the music scene came the opportunity to hold stage concerts.

Even though he still laughingly recalls how he was initially in disbelief when he was first offered to do to a concert when the longest that he can perform was only 6 songs.

Piolo humbly said that the trust given to him by the concert producers helped him gauge just how far he has gone into the music scene.


Post 11. Road Managers: Edith Farinas

Piolo is well aware that his success is not solely his as there were many people who made it happen. Among them were those who made his day-to-day life bearable since he joined the show business.

Edith Fariñas, Piolo’s former road manager from 2002 to 2003, was one of them. Edith recalls that they’ve worked together at a time when Piolo’s career was taking off. Instead of his good looks and exceptional acting, what drew Edith towards Piolo, which eventually became her friend, was his endearing character.


Post 12: Road Managers: Leah Lao

Leah Lao came at a point in Piolo’s life when he was experiencing extreme highs and lows.

It was from 2006 to 2008 when Piolo faced controversies after controversies. But it was also the time when he chose to become the better person by not letting all those things define who he was. Piolo did this by simply sticking to who he really was as a person—someone who would always choose to do the good thing despite its visible negative consequences.


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