Spotlight on Julia Barretto- Part 2



Julia went in full swing after Mirabella that by 2015 she became part of another soap titled “And I Love You So.” This time she breathed life to the unimaginably evil Trixie Valdez opposite Miles Ocampo, who played the role of Joanna Ramirez. Working with Miles has been a breeze for Julia since she has been one of her first few friends when she entered the business some years back. Trixie was Julia’s first ever kontrabida role. Although her character made her do so many “bad things,” Julia fondly recalls that Trixie made her grow as a person and as an actress. “It opened up so many doors for me. I was able to explore many different emotions, different temper and different anger and different feelings. It became a good outlet,” she recalls. @juliabarretto #SpotlightonJuliaBarretto

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