Spotlight on Piolo Pascual

Day 1

Post 1. Acting

Piolo Jose Pascual is a man who needs no further introduction.

His towering looks, fine physical features and well-trimmed body have graced hundreds of billboards, magazine pages, TV series, movies, and other mediums in the country. He is literally everywhere.

All these elements contributed to him being considered the “Ultimate Crush ng Bayan” and later on being called as “Papa P” by most of the people in and outside of the industry.

But the truth is, Piolo wasn’t much of a big name when he was launched as part of Star Circle Batch 3 in 1996. In fact, many

seem to miss the fact that he was first seen on TV as part of the teen variety show “That’s Entertainment.”


Post 2. Wanting to be a celebrity

It was only two years since he was launched when Piolo or Papa P broke out of the mainstream consciousness because he left for the US to be with his family.

But one thing is clear, he didn’t want to be a celebrity when he started in the business. What he really wants rather was to act.

And so after two years of being in the US, Piolo risked coming back to the Philippines for a two-week, conditional “last ditch” effort in joining show business.


Post 3. The big break and popularity

Now, two decades since he snagged his first title role in the Mel Choinglo’s “Lagarista” and Piolo has become one of the pillars of the entertainment industry and one of the network’s foremost talents.

Quite interestingly, the phrases “number one” and “popular” do not really sit well with Piolo. If anything, he still gets overwhelmed when people crowd around him or take selfies with him. At times he even feels shy over being put in the pedestal by the people whom he calls his supporters.


Post 4. Naysayers 

Amid his supporters there were also naysayers who questioned everything that he did. They went on to question his capacity, his outputs, his success and even his commitment to the business.

Piolo admits that he’s not immune to such things in the business. As a matter of fact, at some point he felt like the only way to get over those critics was to pack his backs and leave everything behind.


Post 5. Acting highlights

Piolo’s spanning career had him counting 19 soaps and more or less 23 films under his belt.

While he remains grateful with each one of them, Piolo was able to single out a few that truly left a mark in his psyche and those that challenged his mettle and passion in acting.

Those who want to revisit his films need not look any further as they can watch them on Cinema One this month because Piolo’s Cinema One’s January featured artist!

What was your favorite Piolo Pascual film? Comment below!


Post 6. Jerry Sineneng

Seasoned director Jerry Lopez Sineneng first got the chance to work with Piolo on the set of the iconic soap “Esperanza” which was topbilled by one of his premiere leading ladies Judy Ann Santos. They also had the chance to work together on the big screen version of the soap and on the “Maalaala Mo Kaya” episode “Piso,” which earned Piolo an acting award.

Since then, Direk Jerry has been Piolo’s reliable director who has aided him in shining on top-rating soaps such as the hit fantasy-horror soap “Lobo” together with Angel Locsin in 2008 as well as his last primetime soap “Hawak Kamay” in 2014.

Direk Jerry repeatedly points out that “Sana lahat ng artista kamukha ni Piolo” because, with all the projects that they did together, he never saw the actor make things difficult for people on the set.


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