5 reasons why the Star Magic Ball is the grandest showbiz event in the country

If American sports has its Super Bowl, and Hollywood flaunts the Oscars in its glory and grandeur as centerpiece events in drawing the biggest buzz, following, and lasting impact, only one gathering in the Philippines can measure up.

It’s nothing else than the Star Magic Ball, which brings that kind of excitement among showbiz-crazy Filipinos as they witness their idols flaunt their elegant best.

Through the past glittering years in a September or October, people are held in awe with the grand celebration—parading the who’s who, the trending celebrities, the kilig tandems, the brilliant thespians, sensational personalities, and of course unquestionable entertainment royalty.

But what makes the Star Magic Ball truly the grandest, most anticipated entertainment event in the country?

1) One of its kind

It was an original idea that really left fans eagerly anticipating it each year. Where else can you find all your favorite artists all grandiosely garbed in a ball-themed party? While most famous actors and actresses around the world show their elegant wares in award shows, the most celebrated sensations in Philippine entertainment gather in this one-of-its-kind spectacle.

2) Stardom at its brightest

This is where you’ll see them all. The country’s biggest and brightest stars all descending upon that ballroom for everyone’s delight. And you won’t only see those from the Star Magic stable, but also those from other studios and networks. This really shows how significant this annual event is.

3) OOTD for the ages

The best outfits, suits, hairdo’s, accessories, shoes—style and fashion—usually showcased on a runway, have found their way glamorizing these big-name talents—all crafted and conceptualized by the country’s leading designers and stylists! You surely would want to marvel at the spectacle and maybe mimic in your own grand bashes and parties

4) Brings out the giddy in all of us

Ooohhs and ahhhs…and of course the customary shrieks when a dapper heartthrob, or gorgeous beauty are seen separately or as a real couple or love team shows how the Star Magic Ball is the grandest stage of kilig in the country.

5) Simply the most talked about

In the days leading to the event, during the festivities, and the weeks or even months after it, people are just buzzing about the Star Magic Ball—from the confirmed artists who’ll attend the party together, and the outfits they would wear to what transpired during the event, the hits and misses, who wore what, who looked this way and that, and the controversies or incidents that followed. Simply, the Star Magic Ball is that one showbiz event on everyone’s mouths, broadcast airwaves and published items, and social network timelines and news feeds.