Spotlight on Jolina Magdangal

In her 28th year in the industry, Jolina said she doesn't have regrets in anything. She's enjoying all projects-- challenging and easy ones, and learned from all of them. Asked how she keeps grounded, Jolina is quick to respond that she knew early on that getting fame in one's head will definitely lead to a person's downfall. She keeps things real and simple, brushing away negative comments that won't further her and her craft. She remains to be a role model not only of the youth but of moms like herself who arw hands on in attending to family needs. 
As an artist, Jolina continues to develop: generous in sharing what she knows and eager to learn new components at work. Jolina never stops evolving, adapting to change and welcoming new challenges.

One of the major changes in Jolina upon her return was that she has recently become a wife and mother. Jolina wed Rivermaya drummer, Marc Escueta twice in 2011, first on a family only gathering and next with celebrity friends in a garden ceremony in Tagaytay. Come May 2013, Jolina conceived their first child, Pele, born in February 2014.

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