Spotlight on Jolina Magdangal

Jolina and Mark vowed to be very hands on in raising their children so when Pele was born, Jolina took to breastfeeding him and as long as she is available would be his main care giver. Jolina attended classes and researched on the goodness of breastfeeding and became an advocate. She teaches mothers who want to do the same, giving them all the lessons she has learned along the way. She encourages would be moms to consider breastfeeding as it is both beneficial to both the child and the mother. She talks about this in her Smart Parenting cover interview and also in Working Mom with hubby Mark and baby Pele.

The 90's trendsetter is at it again as seen in her classy and stylish pictorials for different publications. Jolina posed for Manila Bulletin's Style Weekend and Philippine Star's Supreme and later on for the March cover of Mega Magazine 2015, showcasing how Jolina's style has evolved as she did, celebrating her over two decades in the industry. She indeed grew right in front of our eyes and from the looks of it,s has a lot more in store for all of her viewers. 
(video courtesy of @mega_magazine)

Music is undoubtedly Jolina's first love. From her pretend concerts when she was young, having a hairbrush for a microphone to being the Undisputed Movie Theme Song and Soundtrack Queen. 

She was 11 when she started working with Maestro Ryan Cayabyab as a member of 14 K. Even after she left the group 3-4 years after, Jolina was never without music. In 1998, her phenomenal self titled album gave her the title first Queen of Star Records after it garnered a quintuple platinum award, making it the biggest commercial success and biggest seller of that year. Jolina recreated this feat after just two years when she released another revival album, On Memory Lane which was awarded Gold in just 3 days of release and peaked at 6 time platinum after almost a year. It was also considered as one of the finest record albums of all time in the Philippines. In 2000, Jolina Sings The Masters was released by Star Records, which featured a more matured and subdued Jolina: no more bangs and too much frills. The album got a Gold Record Award from PARI. Her next three albums was released under Viva which includes Forever Jolina, awarded platinum at the peak of its releiase. 

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