Pepe Herrera on Spotlight

When Benny was first offered to Pepe, he was very much certain that his target audience would be people of the same age as his.

But to his surprise, primarily due to the development of the show and his character, Benny was able to tap on a wider and more diverse audience mostly composed of the young ones.

After one year of giving life to Benny, Pepe shares that he’s looking forward to getting more loved, as it is the most amazing part of being Benny. “Pero nakakatuwa kasi simula nung makilala si Benny, kadalasan mga bata eh. Mga toddlers pa nga ang natutuwa kay Benny. Meron akong kaibigan na may isang pamangkin, ‘yun siguro ang pinakatumatak sa akin, sabi ng bata gusto niyang magkaroon ng sidekick na katulad ni Benny,” he shared and noted that such comments really touch his heart and relieve his stress.


After conquering the musical stage and the television, Pepe was also able to cross out yet another platform on his list when he made his first film You’re My Boss in early 2015. The film starred Coco Martin and Toni Gonzaga. It was on the set of that movie when he first met the Primetime Teleserye King.

Later that year, Pepe got to be part of the Metro Manila Film Festival entry Walang Forever, which starred that year’s Best Actor and Best Actress winners Jericho Rosales and Jennylyn Mercado. Pepe says he found new friends in Jennylyn and Jericho, whom they fondly call on the set as ninang and ninong, because they are very generous in many things. “’Yun ‘yung literal na first movie ko na dilemma mo na kapag pagod ka kung matutulog kaba or makikipagkwentuhan ka eh sa mga tao. Kasi kapag gusto kong umidlip tapos maririnig mo sila nagtatawanan, maiinggit ka eh tapos pupunta ka,” he shared.

Pepe also had a cameo role in the 2014 Philippine historical action drama film Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo starring Robin Padilla.


Although he never expected the fame that he was basking on at the moment, Pepe explains that joining the industry wasn’t a completely foreign idea for him.

If anything, he says that he somehow had a faint picture of performing in front of a huge crowd during his college years. “Kaya nakakatuwa eh, na uy nangyari na siya! Saan nanggaling ‘yun?” he said laughing.

At the moment though, he’s still having a “hard time” wrapping his head at being called a “celebrity.” But when exactly did he realize that he’s already famous?

Being a performer is something that seems only natural for Pepe to embark on since his parents have both been involved in music. His mother, according to him, even used to compose songs as an outlet. His three siblings are also into the arts even if they are practicing different professional careers. All these factors, in a way, contributed to Pepe’s love for music and singing, which he considers his second nature.

In order to pursue his passion, Pepe ended up taking a music course at the University of Santos Tomas’ Conservatory of Music. During his college days, he became part of Conservatory of Music’s official choir group know as Coro Tomasino. His stint on the group has allowed him to do performances onstage as a singer but not yet as an actor.

After a few years, Pepe eventually finished with a degree on Music Education major in Voice, cum laude. Not too many people know that Pepe can also play the drums and that he also formerly, became part of a band that’s into singing rock music and grunge such as Incubus and The Foo Fighters.

These days, Pepe Herrera, with his witty ripostes, serious face, and impeccable comic timing, is being branded as one of the industry’s fast-rising comedians.

But who is Pepe offcam? Is he really funny or is he serious? Pepe believes that he is really born with a funny bone and a certain appreciation for jokes. In fact, he recalls that during his younger years, he was the type to take a while to recover from a certain joke even if the others have already gotten over it.

Aside from being funny, Pepe also exudes a certain chill vibe that might come off to some as quite excessive.
Pepe got his chill and positive aura from his mother and his older brother.

Since we’re still at a singing mood, we thought of raising a hypothetical moment for Pepe.

What if he’s on a date with his “baby girl?” How would he let her know that she likes her?

Here’s how he Pepe would woo his baby girl.


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