Spotlight On Liza Soberano Part 4






It was no secret that Liza is member of a broken family. Her mother Elizabeth Hanley resides in the US while she’s living in the country with her father John Soberano and her stepmother. She has one full brother named Justin and six other siblings who are all living in the US. Liza is their family’s breadwinner who functions very much like an Ate and a mother at the same time, according to her onscreen partner Enrique. Even Liza’s Tita Joni attests that she has a huge sense of responsibility. According to Liza, such was the case because she experienced taking care of her siblings at such a young age, since she lived with her Lolo and Lola in the US while her mother was working. In fact, when she has a downtime, Liza enjoys doing chores at home until these days. These chores include cooking for her family, cleaning her room and even her own bathroom. @lizasoberano #SpotlightOnLiza

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