Spotlight on Kiray

Off cam, Kiray’s utmost generosity to her family through the years is something that truly made her unique. But on cam, Kiray’s sunny personality is what actually makes her standout. Her natural attack on comedy with her witty punch lines is something that, according to her, has been innate to her ever since she was young. In fact, even her friends, with whom she spends time off cam attests to her real life humorous outbursts. But even though she has been best known for being a comedienne, KIray also takes pride over the fact that she can offer other talents on the table. There is of course her singing skills, which is what got her into the business in the first place, as well as her hosting, dancing and acting skills.

Just like most stars, Kiray also got to dip her hands into having a love team. Although hers had a different twist, especially for her first love team Igi Boy Flores. Their love team on LuvU as Whitney and Rocky got the viewers loving their love-and-hate relationship and occasional crazy moments together. But this is not to say that Kiray did not have any serious love team. In 2013, Kiray starred on the Maalala Mo Kaya episode titled Tsubibo opposite Arjo Atayde. For Kiray, that project is truly one for the books. On top of the fact that it was the first time that she got a lead MMK role, it was also the first time that she got a serious love team. Moreover, that MMK episode was also the first time that Kiray did an on cam kissing scene. What further makes that kiss memorable is the fact that it was also Kiray’s first kiss in real life. Kiray recalled that the said moment left her in shock because she never really imagined that she would ever have to do an onscreen kiss. In fact, Kiray used to joke that she would only do an onscreen kiss once she lands a lead role, which she used to think was impossible. But then fate had a different plan for her.
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