Spotlight on Kiray
After being in the business for almost two decades now, Kiray’s career has been as colorful as her personality. But if it were up to Kiray, the highlight of her 18-year career includes her first stint on MTB. According to Kiray it was the show that, in simple terms, changed her and her family’s life for good. It was also in that show where she was able to showcase her various talents. There’s her singing skills, then came her dancing and hosting skills. Next on her list of career highlights was her stint on Goin’ Bulilit. Kiray counts the years that she spent on the show as the one that truly honed her to become the actress and the comedienne that she is today. Then, of course, there is her first-ever film as a leading lady Love is Blind.

Amid all that she has accomplished today and the years that she has stayed in the business, the truth is that Kiray never really imagined that she would become a celebrity. In fact, at the tender age of 3, Kiray already had a good reason why she wanted to join Munting Miss U and that is to help her family. These days, Kiray makes sure to share her blessings to her family as she has assumed the role of being the breadwinner. On top of catering to the basic needs of her family, Kiray also took it upon herself to finance her own homeschooling as well as her younger sister’s.

Not only does Kiray spread her blessings to her immediate family but also to her extended family. Kiray is a doting Tita to her nieces with her older brother. There’s 3-year-old Harshwish and 2-year-old Rizkwish. Her fondness to her two cute nieces would have them sporting same OOTDs at times. But more than the similar outfits, Kiray has also taken upon herself to make sure that the basic needs of her nieces are cared for.
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