Andrea Brillantes on Spotlight (Part 3)

With her success came a number of responsibilities, not only to herself but also to her family.

Since she was the only one who was able to actually pursue a career in show business, Andrea eventually took on the role of being their family’s breadwinner.

To date she is sending her older siblings to school. But Andrea, being the sunny girl that she is, doesn’t mind.

The interesting part is, even though, in a way, paying the bills drives her nuts, she fully understands that everything that she’s doing for her family was all out of love.

But she admits that having that kind of responsibility has somehow “advanced” her maturity, which is why some people tend to misunderstand her.

After years of doing her own kind of auto tune—that is singing in front of an electric fan, Andrea was finally able to become a full-fledged singer.

In fact, Andrea couldn’t be any happier that she was able to release her first-ever single Happy To Be Me just last July.

In a way, Happy to be Me is Andrea’s message to herself, to her supporters and to her non-supporters to make happiness a choice.

Since she also doubted her own singing skills while producing her single, Andrea shared that recording the song somehow made her realize that it was her who actually has to put the message of her song to heart.

“Dapat manggaling sayo [ang happiness] kasi kapag manggagaling sa iba parang temporary lang and mawawala rin. Dapat maging confident ka sa sarili mo para mag-stay,” she shared. “Dapat manggaling sayo lahat para hindi peke, para hindi pilit. Para buo.”

As of the moment though, Andrea is hoping that her single would become a full on-album.

Andrea likens the “birth” of #Goals into a blessing from the sky that was suddenly offered to her. It was only last month when her maiden book was finally released into the market.

Despite her young age, Andrea treated it as her legacy of sorts by making sure that the book would not only entertain the kids her age, but would also get them through the trying times in their youth.

“’Yung process hindi naman siya ganon katagal, actually mas matagal pang ginawa ang album ko,” she shared as to how long it took her to actually create the book.

Making the book has been especially fun for Andrea because she was very hands-on with it. She has specifically included a slumbook portion, since she used to enjoy answering them and making her friends sign on them for her to be able to get to know them better.

Apart from the slumbook, the book also included other interactive portions that can be enjoyable not only for teens but even for the teens-at-heart.

But mainly, the book also contains Andrea’s journey to get into the better place that she’s at right at the moment.

Were there challenging parts in making the book?

“Ang daming nagsabi na ‘Weh? Bakit siiya?’ Pero okay lang, tulad nga ng nasa kanta ko na happy to be me, kapag may sinasabi silang hindi maganda eh di balewala nalang,” she said.



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