Spotlight on Julia Barretto- Part 4



With her strong characters and public image projecting someone seemingly unreachable, many seem to miss who the real Julia is. And so we’ve embarked to discover who she really is. Her fair skin, notable accent and polished speaking skills often cause people to write her off as “too sosyal” if not pretentious. But the fact of the matter is Julia is the exact opposite. She’s actually quite boyish and she actually wants the opposite in life. She wants to be accepted for who she is, sans pretentions and despite all her flaws. To say that many misunderstood her would be an understatement. And Julia admits that she used to be very mindful of what the other people say about her. But now, Julia is at a point in her life when she doesn’t really care about what people say. “I think I got tired at some point. At some point when you’re starting na ‘Aww na-affect ka.’ But then at some point you’ll realize that you know yourself really well and I’m being true to who I am. End game nito, sa huli I’ll be glad na nagpakatotoo ako because at least hindi ako nagkunwari. I may be hated for who I am but at least I am being who I am so magaan ang loob ko,” she said. @juliabarretto #SpotlightonJuliaBarretto

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