Andrea Brillantes on Spotlight

Andrea Brillantes’ male-sounding real name, Anndrew Blythe Daguio Gorostiza might sound a little ironic, especially since there’s nothing manly about her doll-like features. But underneath the frilly and girly dresses lies a surprisingly good mix of irony.

Blythe (a name taken from the famous Japanese doll line with popping big eyes), according to her, is very different from Andrea.

Unlike teenager Blythe who can be a little too rowdy, adventurous, and sporty whenever possible, Andrea is the conservative actress who enjoys quiet times and girly things.

Whether she was Blythe or Andrea, she is, at 13, the youngest in a brood of four who grew up in the house of her lolo and lola.

Like any other kid her age, she enjoys being online, anything related to fashion and her current career as an actress.

But what many do not know is that Andrea (and Blythe) enjoys a lot of outdoor activities and sports, too.

While she may look a little too girly for it, Andrea claims that her dream sport is soccer, something that she discovered when she was still in grade 6.

Now that she is in high school, she also tried her luck in joining the Angelicum College high school pep squad since she can bust a few moves and is flexible enough to become a flyer. But due to her broken schedule in showbiz, she opted to not push through with it.

After that, Andrea also tried her hand in basketball and now she is currently starting to love volleyball. Interestingly though, Andrea says she is the only one who enjoys sports in the family.

She is also a big fan of manga, specifically Sword Art Online, Akame ga Kill! Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titans. Aside from mangas, Andrea also enjoys reading DC comics, specifically of Batman, Harley Quinn and Joker. But, Andrea unabashedly admitted that she only reads the digital copies because the physical comics can get too expensive.

Since she’s into the abovementioned things, Andrea revealed that she also hopes to be able to do cosplay in the future or when she becomes a millionaire.

After finishing her guitar and ukulele sessions, Andrea also wants to learn to play the guitar in order to feed the rockstar side of hers that loves Nirvana and AC/DC.

But even though she has done a number of interesting sports and activities, Andrea still craves to be able to do one thing—that is, to dye her hair a shocking color.

Having a huge energy is something that many people saw as a good potential for a person to join show business.

But unlike the rest, Andrea’s partaking in showbiz is something that has been set even long before she was born.

According to her, her Mommy Mabel has specifically prayed to have a celebrity daughter. The possibility of her mother’s dream to come true was further bolstered by the fact that Andrea, with her fair skin and cutesy features, used to act certain scenes with matching props when she was still a lot younger.

When she reached 4-years-old, Andrea’s mother asked her to join a certain competition. The thing, though, was that Andrea is not in to doing competitions because she hates the idea of losing.

What particularly changed Andrea’s mind in joining show business happened on New Year’s Eve when she was just 6-years old. The incident involved her older brother, Kuya Kismet.

The accident, which to her was “her fault” after bugging him to grab the “torotot,” which led him to run and slam towards a glass door. This caused her brother’s face to be permanently scarred, which resulted to him being called names and bullied ever since.

In order to help her brother, and to appease herself from what she did, then shy Andrea finally decided to try her luck in the mall contest called “Little Miss Confetti Starlight.”

Thankfully, Andrea finished as a first runner up on the contest. That particular experience eventually sparked her desire to become an artist From that moment on, she began auditioning for various projects.

While many might think that she had it easy, Andrea actually experienced the opposite.



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